First, I just wanted to share some beauty community news. I was watching YouTube and was taken aback by the video war between Jeffery Star and Kat Von D. Apparently I missed out on this high-profile fight in the past few days and honestly I am not that surprised. To me, Jeffery Star doesn’t seem like a kind-hearted, forgiving or tolerant person. He attacks people too often and seems a bit self-absorbed from the way he talks in the videos. I I subscribed from him a long time ago and will never buy any of his products.

Back on track with what I was writing this post for, I wanted to share a quick post of some beauty products I’ve bought recently with some first impressions. I will share with you my thoughts on the next few weeks. Some of them were on my Instagram (ID: HealthyGlow_Ing). I posted my mini reviews on there when I first tried out the products so let’s connect if you’d like!

First off, I am very pleased with these two mini pink cuties from Ulta – from Essence and Buxom. Color payoffs are great and they last a decent time on me.

essence silky blush babydoll
Next, I also got a silver powder to treat blackheads from Mario Badescu and a brow powder from Catrice. I need to use the powder a bit more to decide how effective it is. The color of the brow powder matches my brow color perfect. One delightful surprise from this order is the mini bottle of Mario Badescu cucumber lotion for combination/oily skin. I didn’t really like the star rose water lotion from the brand like other people do so I didn’t have high expectation but this lotion has helped make the breakout on my forehead heal faster. I will buy a full size afterwards.

Next I got the Dermologica cleansing duo set and the Honest hydration travel set was included for free. I have not yet tried the Dermologica cleanser and oil yet and I didn’t like the Honest facial mist. It has a funny smell and it’s not a fine mist with the spray nozzle.

Lastly, this is not from Ulta but I just wanted to throw it in here. I double cleanse almost everyday in summer nights as my skin tends to clog more from sunscreen, makeup and excess oil. So I can’t get enough cleansers. I finally caved to buy the Bioderma makeup remover water although it’s much more expensive here in the US than in Europe. I like the cheaper dupe version of Garnier makeup remover water and I wanted to compare these two.


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