Comfort doesn’t equal sloppiness – featuring Ann Taylor Loft’s new line Lou&Grey

I’ve never stopped the pursuit of comfortableness in everyday outfits. Let’s be honest, when you have a busy job where you have to focus and sit in front of a computer for 8-9 hours plus a 1+ hour commute, you’d want something that’s soft, cozy and relaxed. With the latest trends in fashion that value practicality, you don’t have to give up style for comfortableness. I’ve recently become a fan of Ann Taylor Loft’s Lou & Grey line, whose clothes are rich in texture, laid-back with greyish neutral tone that’s perfect for Fall/Winter.

I love the 2 pieces I’ve recently purchased.

A sweat-shirt texture dress that’s perfect for work($79.50 and now 40% off). The photo in my opinion does not do credit to this dress at all. I usually pair it with a belt and booties, and it looks very put together. The dress itself is darker in color than the picture as well. You can check it out in store too and you will not be disappointed.

image 1

The second piece is a grey sweater cardigan. I didn’t see it online. This matches everything and this is how I style it with.

Finally, this popover is also versatile and cute ($49.5 and now 50% off).

image 2

This top was also featured in Extra Petite’s recent instagram post. I love her practical and chic style.


These will become your go-to pieces and you will wear them again and again 🙂

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Sneakers are in – featuring Adidas Adria Low Shoes in Camel Print!

Sporty chic and camel print have been popular since a year ago and the trend is continuing. If you have a commute that involves a decent distance of walking, you would understand my obsession with comfortable shoes. Comfort doesn’t mean you have to give up style especially with the recent trends to pair sneakers with almost everything. I recently eyed a pair of Adidas Adria Low sneakers in camel print and found it incredibly easy to pair with black jeans. They are sleek, comfortable, and refreshing. At only $55, the cost/wear is low and can be even lower when you get these on sale for as low as $30.

This is how I would style these  – match the green pattern on the shoes with the 3.1 Philip Lim Pashili Satchel Mini in Olive Green and a pair of black skinny jeans.

photo (2)

M25541_01 (2)

Great Over-The-Knee Bootst Inspired By SW5050

Over-the-knee boots are essential for fall/winter especially for places with cold winter where you have to walk often. They could add an instant sense of chicness to your otherwise ordinary outfit, and do the wonder of leg lengthening and effects 🙂

The SW5050 boots definitely made their name in the fashion world, yet they are pricey – yikes.. $600+..

Once there is a trend leader, there never lacks followers or recreations. I own 2 pairs of over-the-knee boots that are inspired by SW5050 yet both are less than $200. After you read this post, I can save you some well-earned money!

The first pair Charles by Charles David over-the-knee boots was a failure though for some reason had pretty good reviews from some fashion bloggers :/ This excerpt of review online is exactly how I felt after I tried those out: “My legs slide into them extremely easily. It is loose, especially around the ankles and as I walk, they gradually fall down bit by bit, causing bunching around the ankles. I pull them up and they fall again. Returning because they make my legs look stumpy and unflattering.”

Definitely a Do-Not-Buy red flag.

The 2nd pair Vince Camuto Karita Boots are a great choice! I’m always a fan of Vince Camuto shoes. They are usually comfortable, and their shoes’ design and quality are in line with the prices. This pair in particular feels very much alike SW5050, with the elastic parts hugging your calves, and are comfortable. These will get a lot of wear in the coming winter 🙂 You can get these from the Vince Camuto website (during boots sale if you want to wait for some discounts) or through Amazon.

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