Colour pop lip, blush and eye pencil review 

There has been a lot of buzz of the Los Angeles makeup brand Colour Pop and I finally decided to give it a try. 

I don’t and can’t do any dramatic look so I picked three items out of the best sellers that can work for an everyday look. 

$5 1 oz 
It also comes with a matching lip pencil which I didn’t get. 

The lipstick comes in a paper case that was loosely open in the package, which was a bit disappointing. But the product itself looks cute with an ivory plastic tube that feels thicker than most of the drugstore lipsticks. 

It’s more on the coral, warm side than nude that I had thought of and is highly pigmented. Very easy to apply and creamy. It isn’t particularly hydrating but doesn’t dry out my lips either. I’ve included the color swatch at the end of the post. 

Overall: B+ (I wasn’t particularly impressed with the loose case in the package and the shade difference between the actual product and the picture).

$8 1.5 oz

It comes in a nice little paper case and the plastic case feels of good quality similar to that of the lipstick. The color is a bit darker than how it was depicted on the site, which is a plum pink with cool undertone and a satin finish. It is a creamy blush, and easy to apply with finger tips. Downside: It doesn’t show on my cheek until after maybe 2-3 layers of build up, which adds sheer to my face. So it is more of a subtle blush that could work for everyday look, but probably not for other occasions that ask for more brighter shades.

Overall: B+ (you need to layer on the blush for it to show, which becomes a bit harder to control. I think it probably works better for very fair skin with cool undertone).

 $5 1oz

It is not a best selling product on the site but it’s my favorite out of the three. It’s exactly what I’m looking for: a dark brown gel cream liner that slides on easily and is matte, non shining and perfect for everyday use. It’s not water proof so you can wash it out with your regular cleanser. But for the same reason, you might want to avoid using it in summer or to the beach as I can see it smudging with sweat or water. 

Overall: A- (the minus is for the loose paper case, yes, again 😦 Colour Pop needs to pay more attention to shipping and packaging I think).

Here are the actual products’ photos and color swatch on my arm.

Overall, I like the products as they seem to stand out among makeup lines in the same price range in terms of design, pigmentation and marketing. I do think packaging and shipping can be improved – no more loose paper cases please! Shipping is a bit slow. It took me almost 2 weeks to get the package with the $4.99 flat shipping rate in US.

Have you tried their products? What do you think?



    Favorite new discovery of the month – body cream, body wash and hand lotion

    Dryness is the theme word for winter in the northern states regardless of your skin type especially when it comes to body where you usually don’t spend as much time as your face. 

    I’ve only recently started to research and try out different products for the body and I’ve found a few favorites that are really good for winter and they won’t break your bank 🙂 

    Favorite body cream 

    Juara candlenut body creme

    $35 7.5 oz 


    I have never been a consistent user of body cream or lotion as I always resent the feeling of oily residue. I read online one day that this cream will be absorbed instantly yet provides great hydration, and I actually just received a sample from Skinstore so I tried it out immediately. And this product really delivers!! It’s moisturizing yet doesn’t leave any residue on your skin. It probably is absorbed within 5 seconds, no kidding. Now the disclaimer: it has a very strong flowery smell. I usually don’t like products with a strong fragrance but I love this smell! Maybe because this product has a natural formula so the smell doesn’t feel artificial or chemical at all. If you are hesistant about fragrance, I recommend trying out a small sample before purchasing. 

     Favorite body wash 

    Ahava mineral botanic cream wash – Hibiscus & Fig

    $24 17 oz/500 ml

    In the past, I always opt for body wash without fragrance but again it was probably because a lot of the drugstore bath products smell artificial . I discovered AHAVA only recently when I bought its hand cream and mud mask both of which turned out good and lived up to the reputation. I got this cream wash in a small set and was in love of it after the first use, because of its moisturizing effect and its herbal, fruity smell. I feel I will change my opinion about fragrance when it comes to products with clean and natural formula as they smell so pleasant! I also see good reviews of the lotus body wash and will probably buy again. The Ahava official site offers promotion frequently and their products are also available in Costco so it’s very easily accessible and only a tiny bit expensive than drugstore brands yet providing a much better experience. 

    Favorite hand lotion

    EOS refresh everyday hand lotion – cucumber 

    $1.99 1.5 fl oz


    I bought it at a market register. It looks cute in person (also comes in other pastel color/smell like pink and baby blue). I go through hand cream so fast in the winter as I always keep it readily available at my night stand, living room, and the office desk. I didn’t have high expectation for this beside the neat packaging as I didn’t like the renowned EOS lip balm. I felt the lip balm didn’t provide any lasting moisturizing effect. This hand lotion is so much better! It is moisturizing, more on the liquid side as it’s lotion, so easily absorbed and perfect for the office where you don’t have the time to massage your until those rich creamy products are well absorbed. I also like the cucumber touch of smell, again probably as the brand uses a lot of natural ingredients. 

    Only after I wrote this post did I realize all three products are not fragrance free, which contradicts my typical preference, and I think I like them as they are all on the natural, organic side with their ingredients. I will probably continue to try more organic and natural products this year. Do you have any favorites? 

    3-month winter skincare empties 

    I get a weird sense of achievement whenever I get to throw out my skincare empties box. Maybe beacause I then can open new jars/bottles and I feel more justified as I actually use up these old goodies. 

    There were times when I just have to throw out almost brand new products as I simply forgot to use them before they expire 😦 I’ve become much better at that now. Tip: For face cream you don’t like, use it as hand cream or body lotion. For fash wash you don’t like, use it as body wash.





     Here are my mini product reviews.

    Skin type: combination with mild acne concern. 

    Favorite ones that I absolutely will buy again:

    $55 0.51 oz

    Didn’t realize the name is so long…This is the best eye cream I’ve tried in this price range in terms of treating fine wrinkles, period. Already purchased anothe one.

    $170 1 oz

    Perfect for summer or warm weather as it’s less rich than the classic cream. So much easier and faster to apply than the classic one as well. Great for sensitive skin and has a nice calming effect.

    Good ones that I might buy again

    $36 200 ml/6.76 fl oz

    It does it’s job but I still feel irritated a little bit from time to time although it’s targeting sensitive skin. I still use face wash after using it but you don’t need to according to the official product info. Might buy it again just to switch up a bit between cleansing balm and oil. I do like the pump packaging that makes it more sanitized to use.

    $80 1.6 oz 

    Only experienced little instant effect but at least it’s a product that truly delivers what it is supposed to do. Lightweight and non oily.

    $49.5 1 oz

    Super easy to absorb. Couldn’t tell whether it really works on dark spot correction with the small sample.

    $94 60ml

    Don’t really feel the firming and lifting effect but it’s a good moisturizing cream that’s soothing but not oily, easy to absorb and works well under foundation. You can get a better deal when purchasing a set at discounted price.
    Okay ones that I probably will not purchase as I either don’t like how it feels on my skin (ANR) or I just don’t feel anything 

    • Fresh black tea eye concentrate 
    • Radical brightening serum 
    • Belif true cream – aqua bomb
    • Estée Lauder advanced night repair 

    Favorite Shampoo and Conditioner of the month (collection 1)

    Hair type: normal to oily scalp with mild dandruff concern, dry hair end with splits sometimes.

    I used to pay no attention to hair products until I feel my hair has lost its smooth healthy texture and I started to have dandruff concern. It all starts with the scalp and scalp is in essence part of the skin so we should treat it with more attention like every girl does with skincare. I can already feel my scalp is gradually improving after I started using more professional hair products.

    Christophe Robin cleansing purifying scrub with sea salt 

    $52 8.33 oz 

    Available at Sephora 

    I first heard of this product from an Asian blog and leaned that it’s apparently an amazing scrub that not only cleans your scalp, leaving it dandruff free but also adds a ton of volume to one’s hair. I bought it immediately after Sephora started to carry it a few months ago. I was sold completely after the first use. It has the deep cleaning impact to your scalp yet does not irritate sensitive skin. The most appealing aspect to me is that the effect will last for 2 days and your hair even looks better on the 2nd day. 

    Although it’s not a cheap product, one jar can last a while as you only need less than a tablespoon each time and I alternate it with other shampoos so only use it 1-2 times a day. 


    You need to use a conditioner with this product or the end will feel a bit dry. 

    Also this is more of a scrub than a shampoo so you might lose a bit more hair than when you use other shampoo. But once your scalp is becoming healthier and your hair stronger, hair loss will stop. 


    • Wet your hair 
    • Take less than a tablespoon of the scrub
    • Massage the scrub into your scalp for 1-2 minutes
    • Add a bit more water until foam forms and continue massage for another minute 
    • Rinse it off
    • Use conditioner on hair end 

    Favorite conditioner at the moment:

    Kiehl’s amino acid conditioner

    $7 2.5 fl oz / $19 6.8 fl oz

    Available at Nordstrom

    I tried a few Kiehl’s shampoo and body wash products in the past and was not particularly impressed. The products always smell really nice and were not bad but I just wasn’t hooked. I bought this conditioner during their Christmas promotion and so far it’s the best Kiehl’s hair product I tried and my favorite conditioner at the moment. I love its natural smell without too strong or artificial scent and how it moisturizes the hair while not creating a fake smooth feel. 

    If you haven’t tried Kiehl’s hair products before, I recommend you try this one and start with the 2 oz tube to see if it works for you. You can get the product at a discounted price during its site promotion or promotion at other department stores a few times a year.


    Favorite makeup removers of the year 

    Skin type: combination with frequent breakout

    Featured category: Makeup remover

    • Blue Plasma Cleansing Treatment from Perricone MD

    I seldom go to a local Sephora store as I purchase mostly online so I can read others’ reviews and I don’t really feel Sephora’s sales ladies are knowledgable of their products. However, one day I went to the store for a set that’s sold out online and remembered I need a makeup remover. I had pretty bad experience with almost all the makeup remover oil including those from Bobbie Brown, DHC and Philosophy. My skin breaks out after using these after only a few days. So I told the lady my concern and she recommended me a few products including this Perricone MD Blue Plasma cleansing solution. I bought a small bottle and immediately knew this was a good product for me after only one use. It’s very mild to the skin yet removes makeup thoroughly. It is of a gel texture that leaves your skin feel clean and hydrated as it’s supposed to be used as both a makeup remover and a cleanser that you don’t need to wash your face again or wipe off afterwards. So best companion for your bad days when you don’t want to spend more than a minute on cleansing. My skin does not break out after using it regularly. I bought it full price at Sephora but realized later that you can easily get it at a lower price from Perricone MD as it offers discounts often. I later also purchased a set and an still trying out other products in the same collection.

    Buy here

    $45 118 ml/4 fl oz

    • Boscia Make-up Break-up cool cleansing oil

    I was not a fan of any cleansing oil until I tried this product. It’s developed by the renowned Japanese skincare brand Fancl, and targeting specifcally American women with concerns related to stress, sun exposure, alcohol, etc. As its name suggests, it feels cool on your skin and best of all does not cause breakout on my face.

    Buy here

    $10 1.7 oz or $30 5 oz

    • Eve Lom Cleanser

    This is something I will keep buying without hesitation. It’s almost a staple for most of beauty bloggers and I have never tried any product that’s as good as this one. It helps exfoliate your skin while removing your makeup so it leaves your skin feel so soft and clean that you will feel very refreshed afterwards. It does take a few steps to use this product but it’s well worth the time to treat yourself with a mini-spa-like procedure at home. You have to follow the instruction or you will not feel its miraculous effect. You don’t need to use another cleansing product afterwards. The packaging also feels simple, chic and of a high quality plastic different from cheaper products.

    Although this is a bit expensive, it’s not of liquid base so you only need less than a tablespoon each time. Moreover, as it also serves as an exfoliating cleanser, I only use it at most 2 times a week so one jar goes a long way. Some people thought it’s cheaper to buy the biggest jar but I recommend a small jar as the product expires after 9 months and I highly doubt that anyone can finish the biggest jar within 9 months as it’s not supposed to be used every day. You can buy it from Eve Lom official site where you can usually get a new user discount plus other promotions it offers from time to time.

    I tried their cream as well but it’s too rich for my combination skin so I don’t really like it. Eve Lom rescue mask is another star product that I wanted to try next.

    Buy here

    $50 1.6 oz or $80 3.3 oz

    2016 new year resolution 

    Happy new year! 

    Let’s face it, it’s time for another new year resolution list, or maybe you can just copy and paste the list from last year or the year before just in case you haven’t achieved your goals from the prior year 😋

    Here are mine for 2016:

    • Stay healthy by drinking lemon water (less ice), getting sufficient sleep, eating less processed food and sugar, continue with average of 8k+/day steps.
    • Be an early bird and spend at least 30 min each morning to read before getting ready for work.
    • Be a better driver.
    • Stay highly focused at work and get better at building relationships with different teams, and continue to improve strategic thinking, writing and presentation.
    • Get “exceed expectations” in at least 5 items in annual reviews. 
    • Get better at tennis and cooking.
    • Buy less but buy only things that embrace the spirit of craftsman. Reject everything that are of cheap quality and poor taste.