These Box Bags Stole My Heart

I’ve been fascinated by the styles in Mad Men lately especially by the handbags and purses that scream elegance and romance to me. 

I thought my earlier zealot over structured bag is almost over until I saw these women in their 1960 graceful outfits, classic hair style paired with their shiny, tasteful purses.    I’ve since been looking for the perfect box and would like to share with you the favorite ones. 

  • Louie Vitton Petite Malle

I’m a Louie Vitton fan not only because  of the brand’s classic styles, rich history but also a variety of durable bags it produces that are practical and relatively affordable among luxury brands. The Petite Malle in my eyes is one of the most beautiful and desirable designs in the recent years in their new line of products. The only drawback is probably its price tag. As small as it is, it’s $5k+ price makes it a window shipping staple 🙂



  • Dolce & Gabbana Box Bags

Dolce & Gabbana is probably the perfect brand for box bag designs with its “dress to kill” style that expresses a new, unconventional form of elegance. Its box bags are impossible to miss out  even with only a glimpse.


  • Charlotte Olympia

Charlotte Olympia is a desirable brand mostly for its unique and world renowned shoe style. Its bags are actually full of personality as well and you can get some of these on sale from sites like, 

Next time I will share some less expensive modern style box bags. Any recommendations?