Sheet mask production secret – important things you need to know before putting on the next sheet mask

If you are a beauty junkie, you are probably familiar with the self-pampering routine to put on facial masks whenever you need an extra boost of hydration or when you just wanted to relax and do nothing for 10 minutes.

In the past few years, Korean beauty products have made their way into American households. Even Sephora now has a dedicated K-beauty section. I’ve been sucked into this trend as well and have purchased and used quite a few different Korean beauty products including their relatively affordable sheet masks that usually come in cute packaging.

So when I read this article on Refinery 29, I was a bit shocked and I wanted to share it with my fellow beauty lovers. I don’t know how much that’s being said in this article is 100% accurate, but this convinced me to stay away at all costs from small, so-called Indi beauty brands as they might just have a much lower standard when it comes to hygiene and safety, and the last thing we wanted to pat into our face is a layer of toxic and harmful ingredients.

Here is the article: Sheet masks production secret

Happy reading!


August beauty empties part 2 – feat. Estée Lauder, Korres, La Prairie

iTo follow up on my previous post, I wanted to share the rest of beauty products I’ve used up recently and my mini reviews as usual. This time it’s mostly high-end skincare products.

Unlike makeup, I’m much more picky when it comes to skincare. I only repurchase things with visible results. If you’ve been using skincare products that you feel do nothing to your skin, don’t think all things are created equal and skincare products are all similar placebos.  They are NOT. If you take some time to explore and research, you will find better products out there that can help make your skin plumper, softer and brighter, if not immediately at least in a few weeks. Don’t simply dismiss the technology and R&D research investment these beauty companies have achieved over the past decades.

In the empties above, the only thing I’m going to consider repurchase is the Dr.Dennis Gross alpha beta peel pads. These are acid pads so they will sting a little bit especially if you have sensitive skin but it doesn’t make your skin red like some other acid products do. The results are almost instant as you will find your skin a little brighter and clearer after a few uses. I highly recommend it to people with acne and uneven pigmentation issues.

The Amika dry shampoo smells so much better than all the other dry shampoos I’ve tried but it doesn’t really help add volume and texture to my hair which is what I’m looking for in a dry shampoo so I will not repurchase. I will also not repurchase the Estee Lauder advanced night repair serum. I didn’t find any other results from using it diligently for a few months at night except for hydration and there are so many good serum out there if you are just looking for moisturizing results.

I might repurchase the Clarins Iris alcohol free toner as it offers decent refreshing and clearing effects I’m looking for in a toner in the summer time.

I will definitely repurchase the La Prairie eye serum despite its hefty price tag. This small bottle works wonders in reducing fine lines and dry lines under the eyes if you use it on a daily basis. Since I’ve switched to other eye serum, I noticed how the lines under my eyes become more obvious over time. So this is something worth a splurge.

I was disappointed in the Korres brightening facial mask. Although it does make your face a little bit brighter, the smell was overwhelming and skincare products in general should not use a lot of fragrance to avoid inflammation and irritation.

I was also not impressed with the Ole Henriksen overnight resurfacer. Although it claims to treat your skin hyperpigmentation and breakout  problems, it didn’t create any visible improvement to my skin texture. It also doesn’t agree with other cream I apply after it at night. I’m glad I only bought a tiny jar to try it out. The only Ole Henriksen product I like is its orange bottle of vitamin serum.

This Garnier cleansing water is only available in UK. It feels exactly the same as water and doesn’t create any oily film some people get with the Garnier micellar water in the US. I think it is a tiny bit better than the one sold in the US but it’s probably not worth the trouble to buy it from there.

These are most of my recen beauty empties and hopefully you find it helpful. Thanks for stopping by!

August empties and favorites part 1 – feat. Caudalie, RMS beauty, Klorane, Milani

I’m not ready for the summer to end yet it is almost the end of August and I can’t believe we only have 4 months left in 2016.

In August, I’ve gathered quite a few empties and I wanted to share a few with you guys here with my review.

  • The Caudalie foaming cleanser is one of my favorite cleansers. It is quite mild so I use it in the morning. It has good cleansing power yet it doesn’t dry out my face. The pump is the best I’ve used as it produces a lot of fluffy foam and I was able to use up literally every drop in the bottle with this pump. 

Rating: 9/10 for AM cleanser 

Will repurchase? Yes

  • I’m back to use the Klorane dry shampoo despite its overwhelming smell that I didn’t like. I tried out the Amika dry shampoo earlier and was impressed by its heavenly smell as compared with most dry shampoos on the market but it doesn’t improve the texture and appearance of your hair as the Klorane does. So I guess you have to accept a tradeoff between results and smell when it comes to dry shampoo.
  • I didn’t like the Estee Lauder cleanser as it dries out my face and I had to get rid of the Essie nail polish as it’s over a year old and darker nail polish shades don’t look good on me.

  • The RMS beauty UN powder is okay. I bought it after seeing how Kathleen Lights raved about it, saying how it blurs out all the imperfections on her face and makes her skin look so beautiful and flawless. I guess it’s just her skin and this powder doesn’t really stand out.

Rating: 7/10 (given that there are so many cheaper powder out there that does the job)

Will repurchase? No

  • Milano blush in the shade Luminoso

I love the color so much! It’s sitting between red and coral and it makes me look younger on my fair skin with yellow undertone. It’s very pigmented so you’d want to be careful and tap off the excess powder on your brush if you are looking for a more natural look. But it’s not as intense as the Wet n’Wild one so it can be worn on an everyday basis.It lasts about 7 hours on my face with setting spray. 

Rating: 8/1 0 (it had become  my favorite drugstore blush now)

Will repurchase? Yes.

Hope you find it helpful and thanks for stopping by:)

Monday read: Bloggers and digital influencers are reshaping the fashion and beauty landscape

Here is an informative read on the power of influencers and the shift in marketing strategy of big beauty and fashion brands.

An excerpt:

In early June, Arielle Charnas of Something Navy posted about the Peter Thomas Roth Rose Stem Cell Bio-Repair Gel Mask on her Snapchat story. Then the frenzy happened: Within 24 hours after her story went live, the post was responsible for the sale of 502 masks, or $17,565 worth of product. Do the math: that’s equal to $123,000 in sales in a week, $527,000 in a month or almost $6.4 million in a year.

Nor was that a one-off. An Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Shocking in Deep Black that Charnas snapped about in July moved 422 units in 24 hours, driving $13,500 in sales. That means she could sell $95,000 worth of mascara in a week, $405,000 in a month or $4.9 million in a year.

L’Oréal Paris, for instance, has experienced a seismic shift in the way it’s allotting its p.r. and marketing dollars. According to a person close to the company who requested anonymity, 70 percent of the budget given to one of the p.r. firms enlisted by L’Oréal goes toward influencers, with just 30 percent relegated to traditional, editorial placement. L’Oréal Paris declined to comment.

Another beauty brand, founded in the Nineties, has reportedly discovered the only thing “moving the needle” for them is YouTube and influencers, according to a longtime beauty p.r. executive. “They don’t work with magazines or web sites anymore, only influencers,” she said, declining to name the company.

TJ maxx mini beauty haul and 2 August beauty boxes

The heat wave is catching up and I don’t feel like staying outside at all. I hope it cools down soon but also don’t want the summer to end. What a struggle at late summer time!

I’ve heard that TJ Maxx carries interesting beauty items in some locations so I decided to stop by one and here are what I got.

  • Ollie and Olivia eyeshadow brush set $6.99
  • Aroma ocean breeze candle $6.99

I tried both already. The brushes are sturdy, soft, and can pick up eye shadows nicely. No complaint here for the price point. The candle is surprisingly much better than those I used to pay a lot more to get at Sephora. The jar looks high end and the scent is pleasant and long lasting, refreshing for summer time. I’ll go back again to buy more in the future.

Aroma Natural Black Candle – Ocean Breeze Scent

  • Shisedo White Lucent Brightening Balancing Softener $29.99

I love almost all Shisedo skincare products I’ve tried and I was surprised to see some at TJ Maxx. I’ve heard good reviews of this toner but I will wait to try it out in winter time as it’s supposed to be a very good moisturizer but can be too thick and rich for summer heat.

Shisedo White Lucent Brightening Balancing Softenter

  • Korean animal face masks 3-piece $3.99

I heard some TJ Maxx stores now carry Korean facial masks so I kept an eye out for them when I was browsing the mask section. There weren’t a lot of options when it comes to brands I know of and this is the only one that has good reviews. These sheet masks are supposed to add an extra layer of hydration to the face and you can look quite funny with them on too 🙂 I’m looking forward to trying these out.

Lastly, I also picked up some genetic makeup remover wipes ($2.99 for a 60-sheet pack) with a clip-on opening as I heard these are slower to dry out. I use these wipes for my arms and legs to remove sunscreen so it will be nice if these do work out so I don’t need to buy those $7.99 packs (25-sheet pack) at Walgreens.

Lastly, I wanted to share the August beauty boxes I received  from Allure and Target. Honestly I am more happy with the $7 Target beauty box than the $15 Allure box this month. Usually the Allure box includes most high-end beauty items but this is mostly a drugstore box and I am underwhelmed by it. You can see in my previous posts what was included in the July Allure Beauty Box and June Allure Beauty Box. The Target box on the other hand has every item I can use and it’s the best Target box I’ve seen in the past few months.

  • Allure August beauty box ($15)

  • Target August beauty box ($7)