Classic Bag -Black Balenciaga City Black

I recently purchased an item that has been on my wishlist for a while: the black Balenciaga City bag from France and I have been carrying nothing but it for the past few weeks. It’s so far my favorite bag as compared with a few other designer bags I own.

For starters, it’s not the most popular bag now. So you won’t see a ton of blogger pictures featuring the bag. However, it’s one of those classic bags that does not carry a specific age/year tag. In fact, due to its unique leather texture, the bag ages beautifully. My original interest was triggered when I saw a few city bags in person that are not brand new but still look amazing. 

Another most appealing fact about the bag is it’s weight. It’s probably one of the lightest bags out there in its size. It’s lamb learher without tons of metal accessories and is perfect for people who have long commute but don’t drive often in NYC. 

Finally, although it’s lamb leather, because of the textured appearance, scratches don’t show. I’ve carried it everywhere lately and there is no wear and tear at all around the corners or handles. Now light colored balenciaga city bags are more easily to be stained and shown wear and tear so that’s something to consider when deciding on colors. 

Here are pictures of my favorite bag 🙂