It is kind of sad to realize that it’s already the end of July, which means we only have a few summer weekends left. 

I made quite a few beauty purchases in July but I haven’t got around to try them out long enough yet to give you my honest opinion. So today I just wanted to share a few products that I’ve been using up and let you know whether I will repurchase or not.

In the pic above, I’m getting rid of:

  • Lancome hypnose drama mascara: it is a solid staple mascara in my collection. It adds both volume and length. The only thing I don’t like about it is its relatively wet formula as sometimes it can get to your undereye area if you don’t curl your lashes. I will not repurchase it as I have a few more to try out.
  • Jack Black lipbalm with SPF 25: I think probably everyone has tried this lipbalm as there are not a lot of basic, moisturizing lipbalms in the market with SPF protection. The brand is designed for men but this lipbalm seems more suitable for women as it will add a layer of shine to your lips. The only issue with it is that it sometimes forms an annoying layer of film on my lips during really hot days. I’ve replaced it with a more affordable lipbalm that offers hydration and SPF protection at a lower price  – the Aquaphor lip protection & repair.
  • Revlon dual end brow fantasy pencil: do NOT buy this if you are considering it. The gel end makes your brows look messy and the pencil end is stiff, does not last more than a few hours on my face and is not very easy to work with as compared to micro brow pencils. I do not recommend it to anyone.
  • Darphin hydration lotion: I’ve been wanting to try Darphin products for a while and I’m very disappointed with this lotion. While it does offer some hydration to my skin, it flakes like crazy and is not wearable under makeup for that reason. I’m glad it’s just a small tube and I don’t think I wanted to try out other Darphin products anytime soon.
  • Mario Badescu special cucumber lotion: a delightful surprise and I will be repurchasing the full size one. Effective on recent acne scars and works well on my combination skin.

  • Dr. Dennis Gross peel pads: there are a lot of good reviews out there about this and I now understand why people would rave about it. It’s a very pricy product but it’s well worth the money if you have acne scars. With these wipes, you will notice a difference to these scars within a few uses. As it has a pretty intensive acid ingredient list, it probably is not suitable for sensitive skin. I will be repurchasing it.
  • Neutrogena makeup remover wipes: I don’t understand why people would love these. They are on the dry side and are not good at taking off makeup considering that I wasn’t succesful in using it to only take off sunscreen on my arms and legs. I definitely will not repurchase these.
  • TonyMoly I’m Real Red wine mask sheet for pore care: these masks are either hits or misses. I like the broccoli one but this red wine mask doesn’t do anything to my skin. It doesn’t help clear out my pores nor does it make my skin look more plump or softer. I will not be repurchasing it.

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10 thoughts on “July hits & misses – makeup & skincare 

  1. I’ve been wondering what all the hype about the lip balm was after I read the ingredients. Glad I didn’t get it. I agree on the neutrogena wipes-worthless. I recently received 3 little MB samples and I’m loving them. I haven’t tried the special cucumber lotion but I will now. Great review!


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