3 skincare products that give you a perfect summer GLOW

Who doesn’t like a glow in the summer time? Did you know that you don’t always need a blinding highlighter to get a glow, but instead can achieve a natural with-in-glow from some simple skincare products? Well I didn’t really believe that until a few weeks ago when I started using these 3 skincare products. They are:

Olay Pro X Spot Fading Treatment ($31, 1.3 oz)

Olay Pro X Spot Fading Treatment Review

I bought this a while ago when I was getting a few different pigmentation treatment products to try out, and this was one of the more affordable choices. I started using it about 5-6 weeks ago in the morning. While I didn’t really notice significant improvement to skin as it was supposed to be tackling, my skin was so glowy even after applying layers of matte sunscreen, primer and foundation. For a while I thought it was my skincare regime that was working miraculously and got so excited. Later when I realized it was actually from this serum, I had mixed feelings as you can imagine. For one, I know my skin isn’t really glowing from within. On the other side, I’ve found a great summer morning serum that adds natural sheen (not shimmer, not glitter) all over your face and it doesn’t ball up under make up. I’ve since repurchased another bottle so I have it at hand for the entire summer.

Mario Badescu Vitamin C Serum ($45, 1 oz)


This is still from an affordable brand, but it’s a pricier product within the brand. Vitamin c products come in so many different forms, some are powder (i.e. Clinique), some are dissolved in solution with sillicone so has a slippery texture (i.e. Ole Henriksen Truth Serum), some are of a stickier formula (i.e. Drunk Elephant c-firma). This serum from Mario Badescu is more of a liquid serum, very runny, not sticky at all, but does take 30-40 seconds to get absorbed into the skin. It might feel a bit oily for those with combination skin, but after it is absorbed, it dries down and can be worn day and night (recommended for night use). When I was using it as my first step of skincare routine in the morning, my face gave a pretty glow, and it lasted quite a few hours. When I applied it at night, I can still see the improvement to my skin tone the next morning when I wake up. It’s a decent product and it should work for every skin type except for those with very oily skin.

Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask ($58, 1 oz)


This is the most expensive product out of the three, but since it’a mask and you are only supposed to use it a few times a week at most, a jar can last you a long time, so I still think it’s worth it. I was hooked to it when I was using a sample size jar for the first time. Tata Harper skincare products have a spa smell and feel. It felt like a thick layer of gel with pleasant smell, and I didn’t think it would give me any immediate results and I was so WRONG. After washing it off after 15-20 minutes, I can see some immediate improvement to my nose, t zone area and a glow all over my face, which lasts about 20 hours. The last time a mask was able to achieve a visible result was from Sisley and it was way more expensive than Tata Harper. It’s interesting how both brands that I reacted so well to rely mostly on botanic ingredients and I used to think these ingredients are only pleasant to use but are not powerful enough to treat skin symptoms. I am glad I’m proved wrong and natural ingredients with the right formula can be very effective!

Do you have any skincare products that you love to use in the summer time? Please share in comments as I’d love to learn!


Weekly Instagram Wrap-up: 5 product reviews 

I’ve decided to post more often on Instagram. I will mostly share detailed product reviews and also some beauty hauls. My Instagram user name is Skincarejunkie_03 

The past week I’ve posted reviews of 5 products and I will only share here whether I like it or not in emoticons (really easy to see how I feel about them 🤓) so I’m not repeating myself. Feel free to check out my Instagram feed for detailed reviews of any of these if you are interested.

Products reviewed: 

  • Clarins uv protection sunscreen👍🏼🙂
  • Oscar Blandi dry shampoo 😐🤥
  • Makeup Forever Excessive Lash mascara 💯❗️❗️👍🏼😁
  • Bioderma micellar cleanser water 👍🏼😄
  • Tula neck cream 🙂

New in:

  • The Original skincare: still testing these out, so far 😎

Best Skincare Sets at Sephora Now

It’s almost that time of the year when you can start to stock up on your favorite skincare products for the cold, brutal winter season. If you are looking for new products that will make your skin clearer, brighter, softer and smoother, look no further than Sephora as they have some of the best value skincare sets in the market now. Plus you get a different deluxe mini product with your $25 purchase starting yesterday (enter code: PERFECT8; I received a mini Sunday Riley Good Genes tube yesterday. Check out the gift with purchase calendar here on the Sephora website). I wanted to share with you some of my favorite skincare sets below based on my experience (yes I’ve tried most of these products, I’m a skincare addict 🙂 I have combination and acne-prone skin.

If you are looking for clearer & brighter skin, try this set from Dr. Dennis Gross. They do a great job at brightening your skin and the results are almost instant. These are expensive so it’s a good deal to try a few out in a value set.

If you are looking for smoother skin and care about ingredients, try this set from Drunk Elephant. I bought it last year and will restock soon. The night serum might sting your skin slightly on the first use but it hasn’t given me any issue since my 2nd use, and it has helped me with those little bumps and skin unevenness, and calmed my skin when I’m on the verge of a break-out (doesn’t help much when I do have acne though). Drunk Elephant is also known for its great ingredients, they are formulated without those harsh chemicals including parabens, sulfates or phthalates.

If you are looking for softer, more plumped skin and wanted to try out products from multiple brands, consider this Soko to Tokyo set. Japanese & Korean skincare brands can be very effective in treating dullness and dry skin concerns. Most of the brands included in this set are high-end brands (I love Amore Pacific products but am not a fan of the Belif cream although it’s raved by a lot of people), so it would be a good opportunity to try these out without breaking your bank.

These are some of my favorites now and I will share additional ones later this month. What’s on your list and what have you been loving lately? 




Sunday Riley brightening enzyme cream review – perfect match for combination skin

Hey guys! Hope everyone is enjoying the lovely weekend!

So I recently bought a Sunday Riley power duo set during the Sephora semi-annual sale event but today I wanted to share a review of the Tidal brightening enzyme water cream that got me interested in the Sunday Riley brand.
What is it and why is this a miraculous cream?

It is a water based ultra-light hydrating cream that will brighten your skin. Now the beauty world does not govern the use of words “ultralight” or “nongreasy“. There are so many moisturizers that claim to be “nongreasy, nonoily” and end up being a clump of oil that clogs your pores and make your face shine like coconut oil in a bad way (you know what I’m talking about combination skin comrades 🙋).

So I am happy to report that this is indeed a 100% non-greasy cream that provides a tremendous amount of hydration. I don’t know how they did it but yep they nailed it in terms of how it makes your face feels afterwards, not only instantly but also the next morning when you wake up – softer, more plumped up and ready to shine 😇  

Bonus point

As someone with combination skin type with adult acne concerns, not all hydrating cream work on my face. The Belif hydration bomb and aqua bomb both that I tried out both caused breakout on me, which is so annoying! 

I’ve been waiting to share this post until now as I wanted to make sure it doesn’t irritate my skin after consistent application for at least two weeks and it has not caused any issues so far!😌 It might be related to the fact that Sunday Riley skincare products are more on the natural side in terms of ingredients and formula.

In a word, this is a smart and fabulous cream that’s suitable all year long especially for combination skin. 

If you haven’t yet, make sure to check out in person how this cream feels like! It’s available at Sephora or SpaceNK stores. 

Have you tried any other Sunday Riley products? Which one is on your wishlist? 

3-month winter skincare empties 

I get a weird sense of achievement whenever I get to throw out my skincare empties box. Maybe beacause I then can open new jars/bottles and I feel more justified as I actually use up these old goodies. 

There were times when I just have to throw out almost brand new products as I simply forgot to use them before they expire 😦 I’ve become much better at that now. Tip: For face cream you don’t like, use it as hand cream or body lotion. For fash wash you don’t like, use it as body wash.





 Here are my mini product reviews.

Skin type: combination with mild acne concern. 

Favorite ones that I absolutely will buy again:

$55 0.51 oz

Didn’t realize the name is so long…This is the best eye cream I’ve tried in this price range in terms of treating fine wrinkles, period. Already purchased anothe one.

$170 1 oz

Perfect for summer or warm weather as it’s less rich than the classic cream. So much easier and faster to apply than the classic one as well. Great for sensitive skin and has a nice calming effect.

Good ones that I might buy again

$36 200 ml/6.76 fl oz

It does it’s job but I still feel irritated a little bit from time to time although it’s targeting sensitive skin. I still use face wash after using it but you don’t need to according to the official product info. Might buy it again just to switch up a bit between cleansing balm and oil. I do like the pump packaging that makes it more sanitized to use.

$80 1.6 oz 

Only experienced little instant effect but at least it’s a product that truly delivers what it is supposed to do. Lightweight and non oily.

$49.5 1 oz

Super easy to absorb. Couldn’t tell whether it really works on dark spot correction with the small sample.

$94 60ml

Don’t really feel the firming and lifting effect but it’s a good moisturizing cream that’s soothing but not oily, easy to absorb and works well under foundation. You can get a better deal when purchasing a set at discounted price.
Okay ones that I probably will not purchase as I either don’t like how it feels on my skin (ANR) or I just don’t feel anything 

  • Fresh black tea eye concentrate 
  • Radical brightening serum 
  • Belif true cream – aqua bomb
  • Estée Lauder advanced night repair