2 beauty empties & mini haul – feat. Makeup Forever, Smashbox & Mario Badescu

Today I wanted to share with you my thoughts around 2 recent beauty empties and what I’ve purchased to replace them with.

First up is a travel size Primer I received from Sephora beauty box: the Makeup Forever step 1 smoothing primer. I also included my review on this product in a recent everyday primer collection post that you can check out here. Given my oily t zone, I only need to use a tiny amount every time and this tube lasts me more than a month.

Instead of purchasing the full size one, I’ve instead bought the Smashbox photo finish primers – they came in a set and I am lining them with a sample I received from previous purchase so I have 3 tubes and I hope they perform better in minimizing my pores and wear well under foundation.

Next up is a toner spray from Botanics. I am not a fan of this product. Despite its claims to use all natural ingredients, the toner feels irritating and stings my eyes. The spritzer squirts out big water drops on my face instead of a fine mist so I ended up keeping it in my bath and only used it when I blow dry my hair or when I apply facial masks. From the products I’ve tried, natural skincare lines are actually more tricky and most of the products that work in this realm are expensive products (some of my recent favorites include Tata Harper & Evelom).

Anyways I’m glad I finally used it up and I’ve replaced it with another affordable natural skincare line: 2 toners from Mario Badescu. I’ve tried the rose water one in the past and I remember not hating the toner but was turned off by the spritzer. Similar to Botanics, the sprayer also fails to produce a fine mist on your face so I probably will use it after showering or exercises. You can also use it to wet your makeup sponges. I might pour it into some other bottles with better quality nozzles so I can make more use out it.

Have you used any of these products before and what are your thoughts around them?


5 thoughts on “2 beauty empties & mini haul – feat. Makeup Forever, Smashbox & Mario Badescu

  1. I loooove the Mario Baduscu mist. Have you tried the new green tea one yet? I prefer it over the rose and I typically spray it right after I get out of the shower and before I put any other skin care products on and I think it works great that way!

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