Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation Review – worth the hype?

Maybe it’s just me as this foundation is raved by so many people online but I have mixed feelings about the new Wet n Wild photo focus foundation. Yes it’s a good quality foundation that is extremely affordable (only $6), but it’s by no means my favorite foundation and I will not be reaching for it on days that I need reliable coverage. Below you can find my detailed review.

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My skin condition: Combination (oily around t-zone, dry on the rest of the face in winter). I have some acne scars and struggle with pores around the t zone.

What I like about it:

  • Light weight. It doesn’t feel heavy at all and is very easy to blend out with a beauty blender or any sponge. I haven’t tried it with a brush yet but I heard it also works well with a brush.
  • It has a pretty finish between matte and dewy when you first apply it and the look lasts about 4 hours on me before I have to touch up with blotting paper.

What I don’t like about it:

  • If you have pores, acne scars or skin texture issues, this will not cover these imperfection with 1-2 layers. It does not have high coverage and it no longer gives a pretty finish if you layer it up too much. This is not a big concern as I can always pair it with concealers but just thought you might want to know about its coverage level.
  • It is not long lasting on my combination skin. My cheeks still look very good at the end of the day but my t zone looks shiny and oily after 4-5 hours and I did try several powders with it (high-end and drugstore) but none really helped. I can stand the shine as I keep blotting papers around but the main issue is that the foundation enlarges my pores around my T-zone when the oil comes through, which is not flattering at all, and is something I haven’t experienced in a long time.

I think it could be a great foundation for normal skin with few flaws but people with that skin condition can probably pull off any kind of foundation, no? It’s a good foundation but I will only be reaching for it on days that I only need to wear makeup for less than 4 hours.

Have you tried out this foundation? What do you think?


14 thoughts on “Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation Review – worth the hype?

  1. I agree. I think this foundation doesn’t probably work for everyone. I was really looking forward to this one since most of beauty vloggers that I follow on Youtube loves it. But it didn’t work well for me. I used a Real Techniques sponge at first but it didn’t give me any coverage so I decided to use a brush instead. But even that didn’t help. No coverage and makes me oily after an hour or less ( I have a combo skin type). I think we just get the product that we bargain for since it’s really cheap for a foundation.

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  2. I’ve just purchased this foundation and tried it a couple of times now and couldn’t agree more. I would recommend sticking to the sponge application, as (at least on me) the brush can seem kind of patchy. Great review xo

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  3. I have combo skin too and it has actually been working well for me when others have not seemed to. I’ve used the photofocus powder with it as well as many of my high end powders, but, I have been applying mine with a dual ended foundation brush and to me, it felt like a full coverage foundation. I honestly feel like I get lighter coverage using the blenders and only use my foundation brush when I want a more full coverage look as I feel like they sometimes apply my foundation a bit heavy. Nice seeing some alternate views on the product though! xx Foundation is really tough!

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