My current 4 favorite muted red & nude lippies – Buxom, Smashbox, Kiko, Loreal

I’ve been using these 4 lippies below non-stop lately and I realized why after I swatched them side by side. Although they are different shades, they are definitely in the same color range: a somewhat muted red and nudish color scheme. 

Smashbox liquid lipstick in Driver's seat

From left to right are: 

  • Kiko smart pencil in 703 
  • Smashbox liquid lipstick in Driver’s Seat 
  • Loreal pro matte gloss in 318 Bare Attraction
  • Buxom lip pencil in Amsterdam

Best ingredients: Buxom (it is under the Bare Eccentual umbrella and uses nontoxic ingredients)

Best lasting power: Smashbox (it fades in a good way too)

Most pigmented: Smashbox – One light swipe and you are set! So rich of a color!

Most surprised: the Kiko lip pencil is very smooth and pigmented. It glides on so easily and doesn’t feel dry on the lips. The only downside is that it’s not very long lasting on my lips.

Favorite color: this is totally personal taste but I LOVE how the Loreal 318 color looks on my lips. It is very feminine and goes perfectly with an everyday makeup look. 

Question for all who have gone this far in the post: do you know a color dupe for the Loreal 318 Bare Attraction lip gloss? The gloss is not very long lasting and doesn’t have the best formula so I’ve been hunting for a different lippie with the same color but have not found it. Please let me know in comments if you have something in mind!


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