My everyday face primer collection – Benefit, Makeup Forever, ClubClio, Embryolisse 

Today I wanted to share the few primers I’ve been using and my thoughts on them. 

  • My skin type: Combination skin (leaning towards the drier side in winter & oily side in summer)
  • My main purpose for using a primer: blur/smooth pores in my zone (primary) & prolong makeup (secondary)

First up is the grey travel size tube from Makeup Forever. It’s the step 1 smoothing primer. It is has a thicker texture and does a good job smoothing out my pores and skin texture. But it’s a bit too thick and slightly oily for my preference as I mostly use blurring primers like this one around my T-zone and I have combination skin so it’s feels just a tiny bit heavy even in the winter time. I almost ran out purchasing the full size as I like the smoothing effect but I am still on the fence.

  • Repurchase? Maybe not

Next up is the kill cover pore primer from the Korean makeup artist brand Club Clio. It’s not a cheap primer and it felt nice when I tried it out on the back of my hands but it’s not my favorite. It’s a bit more greasy than the makeup forever step 1 primer although it also delivers the smoothing effect, and does help prolong the makeup. I think it probably is a better choice for people with dry skin. The other primer I have from Club Clio is an anti-shine primer and it does dry out your face a bit so I’ve put it away until the summer time.

  • Repurchase? No.

The primer that’s still in the box is the Embryolisse primer that I received in a subscription box. It’s a famous French drugstore primer but I don’t know if I will end up using it or not after trying it out in store. It’s extremely hydrating so I don’t know how it will perform on my combination skin. People with very dry skin might love it.

  • Repurchase? No.

Last but not least is a classic that’s been around for years and my favorite in the batch: Benefit porefessional primer. As its name suggests, it’s also a smoothing primer to cover up your pores. As that’s my main concern for my base makeup, this primer delivers its claims and meets my expectations. It is the least greasy primer and it layers well under my foundation and over my sunscreen.

I know some people don’t like it’s slippery feel. Personally I don’t have an issue with it probably because I only use a tiny amount around my t zone. The other areas on my face are on the drier side in winter and do not necessarily need a primer after a moisturizer and sunscreen.

  • Repurchase? Yes.

The tube on the right is an acne friendly sunscreen from a Japanese drugstore brand. It’s a great everyday sunscreen and I use it before applying my primer.

What is your favorite face primer and least favorite one? Why? Would love to hear your thoughts!


11 thoughts on “My everyday face primer collection – Benefit, Makeup Forever, ClubClio, Embryolisse 

  1. I like professional a lot. Embryolisse was a little underwhelming, probably since I already do a full skincare routine before makeup, it seems superfluous. Missha’s pore primer is a smudge better even than porefessional for me, but recently I’ve been obsessed with the Shiseido Ibuki primer. It’s my HG primer.

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