Mini makeup haul – blender sponge, cleanser, lipstick, mascara 

Today I wanted to share a mini beauty haul of a few new beauty products I’ve purchased lately.

First up is a beauty blender solid cleanser and the new Loreal sponge. The bb solid cleanser is a repurchase as this is the most effective and convenient cleanser in market for beauty blender or any sponges. You simply swirl a damp sponge onto the solid soap and with flowing water and a quick squeeze action, your sponge comes out in mint condition. If you’ve never tried it before, I definitely recommend this one as I’ve not found a perfect dupe for this amazing cleanser yet.

The Loreal sponge was released recently and I’ve heard good reviews so I wanted to try it out. It does seem soft and bouncy when I tried it and I will share my thoughts after I have it a few more uses.

Next up are two lip products from Kiko. I love Kiko lip pencils. The ones I’ve tried are all very smooth, pigmented and long lasting on my lips. So I bought another one in a pink shade and a chubby lipstick in a muted red shade with a satin finish.

The lipstick packaging is cute, with magnetic closure and details, which is nice for its drugstore price point. I’ve swatched both below along two other red lipstick I have (the two colors on the left are Kiko shades).

Lastly, I am opening a new mascara from Beautycounter. It’s a black mascara that’s supposed to lengthen your lashes. I love lengthening mascara and I will see whether this can be worn along or needs to be paired with a volumizing mascara. Btw I’m currently using the Excessive Lash mascara from Makeup Forever and I like it a lot. It adds length and volume to my lashes while keeping them separate and curled. It doesn’t give you a dramatic look with one or two coats but it is flattering and doesn’t clump at all.

Thanks for stopping by! Happy reading 🙂


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