The Versatile Blogger Award

I was nominated by the lovely Glits & Glamz for the versatile blogger award in which I’m supposed to share a few random facts about myself and nominate a few bloggers to do the same. Thank you Glits & Glamz for the nomination and I enjoyed reading her posts. Go check her out!

Here are a few random facts about me in regards to my blog:

  • Product preferences: I like affordable make-up products and high-end skincare lines.
  • 2017 goal: buy less, spend less, keep my stash lean and full of products I truly love.
  • Favorite makeup organizer: MUJI organizers. Their quality is significantly better than those you can find on Amazon or Marshalls, etc.
  • Favorite skincare products of 2016:
  • Favorite makeup products of 2016:
    • Smashbox liquid lipstick
    • ELF brow pencil
    • BareMinerals complexion rescue gel cream (for a natural look)
    • Benefit dandelion blush (one of the classics for fair to light skin tones)
    • Physicans Formula butter bronzer (neutral tone, creamy, blendable)
    • Lorac refined romance face palette (amazing pigmentation, reviewed in a swatch post here)
  • Favorite types of post to write: empties, monthly beauty box, product comparison & swatches

Who I’m nominating for this award:

Everyone who stops by to read this post! Blogging is not only about sharing our love for things that we care about, but also for building a community to connect with each other, and seek a sense of belonging. You don’t need to spend more than 15 minutes to write a long post, just share with everyone a few random facts/thoughts about yourself or your blog, and give others a smile on their faces.




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