January 2017 beauty new opens & empties 

I’ve been decluttering my makeup to make space for new items on my wishlist so I haven’t had a chance to try too many new makeup items and my favorite makeup of the month is the IT cosmetics bye bye under eye concealer. It is amazing, period. It offers such full coverage to dark circles that I feel an instant difference to my look before and after applying it. It makes you look a lot more awakened and youthful, and it stays all day on my face without fading away in awkward patches like the Urban Decay naked concealer does although that one was probably hyped up even more.

Aside from that, below are my other new opens for the month.

I am one of the many loyal advocates for everything in the cleansing line of the high-end skincare brand Amore Pacific (Sephora carries some of its products). Its treatment cleansing oil is the best oil I’ve ever tried for my combination, acne-prone skin. It even made the annoying process of taking off makeup somewhat pleasant and enjoyable. I am also loving the treatment enzyme peel as a gentle everyday exfoliator to improve skin texture. It also has very neat and smart packaging, unlike most messy powder-like products. I don’t like facial and eye creams from Amore Pacific though as they are too rich and thick for my like.







Below are my empties from January and nothing is amazing so I won’t be repurchasing any of these.

Note: the SkinMedica serum gives out an awful plastic smell and I probably will stay away from this entire brand given the experience.

The BalanceMe serum flakes under my moisturizer and sunscreen.

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