I own more shimmery eyeshadow shades than matte even though I have hooded eyes. Matte eyeshadows in my opinion are more high-maintenance. They require more advanced skills to apply, usually have to be worn with primers, and  need to be paired more thoughtfully in terms color combination.

However, I was very much drawn to this small Kat Von D shade + light all matte quad Rust. Maybe I just know that I can trust the quality of Kat Von D eyeshaodw. Maybe I just can’t have enough of those reddish brown/orange warm colors. Or maybe I really appreciate the increasingly rare simplicity makeup brings with a small black palette offering just 4 shades that I don’t need to overthink before applying. I think it’s a solid all-matte palette for $22. After all, the affordable brand Colourpop now charges $18 for their newly launched powder eyeshadow palette (and they are already sold out!). So will you pay $4 more for a Kat Von D palette? If it’s up to me, YEP!
What do you think? What’s your experience and thoughts with Kat Von D eyeshadows and the brand itself?

Indoor lighting:

Outdoor lighting:


6 thoughts on “2017 Eyeshadow Palette Wishlist – Kat Von D shade + light contour quad in Rust

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