The highlighter and bronzer duo I’m decluttering are from theBalm: the Mary Lou Manizer & Bahama mama bronzer.

I purchased both products in 2016 from theBalm website. They are by no means bad products. In fact, the Mary Lou Manizer highlighter could be a favorite highlighter for a lot of beauty lovers.

Here is why I’m decluttering it. As you can see from the swatch below, it’s a pretty intense shimmering highlighter with warm, golden undertone. Makeup is about finding the products that fit your skin tone and texture, and I realized by now after trying out multiple highlighters that warm, champagne shades don’t look the best on me. So I’ve not really been reaching for it.

As for the Bahama mama bronzer, I don’t use too much bronzer in general and this shade is too warm and deep for me. I tried using it for contouring but its neutral-to-warm tone doesn’t work well as contouring either. If the shade works for you, I think it’s a great underrated bronzer as the powder is smooth and very easy to blend out.

Instead of having these sitting around taking up space and collecting dust, I’d rather declutter them and have a leaner collection so I can use more of the products that look better on me.



29 thoughts on “2017 highlighter & bronzer declutter -theBalm duo

  1. I really love the mary loumanizer but I understand that not every products works the same for everyone, but I hope you find some better replacements- be sure to make a post about them if you do! x loved this post – it wasn’t far too long : ) ❀

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