The Mystery Blogger Award – Q&A, nominations

I was nominated for the Mystery Blogger Award by the lovely Holly @ – she has amazing photography & graphic design skills, so go and check her out! This award was started by blogger Okoto Enigma@


3 Things about Myself

  1. I have lived in New York for a few years by now. It is expensive, can be so cold and grim in winter, and stressful. I’ve only recently started to appreciate the opportunities and diverse culture the city offers.
  2. I am a fan of beauty products but I also am very interested in financial planning. I don’t have any credit card debt, and I will continue to learn more about smart investment.
  3. I had a big setback in 2016, and I was very upset and sad for a few months, but I believe things will be better in 2017. If not, at least I’m now stronger to face the unknown.

5 Questions from Holly

  1. What’s your 2017 follower goal?

I don’t have a goal for followers. I haven’t promoted my blog on any social site, so it’s mostly from organic growth. Question for whoever is reading this: which platform do you think has the best potential to grow a blog based on your experience?

2. What are you doing this year that will make a GREAT blog post?

I am planning to travel to Europe this year, so that could turn into some interesting blog posts. I also will try to share more beauty-related deals so that I can help you all save some money on beauty items as the market is definitely overpriced.

3. What’s your favourite moment from 2016?

When my good friend told me she is pregnant! I am very happy for her!

4. If you had £1m and had to spend it all – no savings – what you spend it on?

Travelling, Gifts for family and myself, Buying a property, Donation.

5. How and why did you first start blogging?

None of my close friends are really into beauty products. My blog is a place to share my thoughts and connect with others with similar interests. What gave me the most joy from blogging was the sense of belonging to the beauty community, reading comments and interacting with other bloggers.


Here are my nominations – kudos to all the dedicated bloggers!

Questions for the Nominees

  1. What type of posts do you enjoy writing the most, and what type of posts are most well-received by your followers? Do they overlap?
  2. What high-end and drugstore brands are your favorites? How about the least liked ones?
  3. Do you have any sort of budget for beauty purchases and do you always stick to it?
  4. Which websites do you purchase makeup and skincare products most frequently and why? What are the 3 most important factors to you as a consumer when you compare different beauty retailers?
  5. What are the things you are looking for in a beauty blog? What makes a blog great?


I need to improve my writing and photo-taking skills so that one day I can be proud to share some best posts.

1. Display the logo and list the rules
2. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link them
3. Mention & link the creator of the award
4. Tell your followers 3 things about yourself
5. Answer the 5 questions left for you by your nominator
6. Nominate 10 bloggers & notify them
7. Ask your nominees 5 questions
8. Share links to your best/favourite posts. 


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