Here are the few products that seem to be the favorites of so many beauty bloggers and YouTubers, which speaks to their quality and popularity. I didn’t include a product for every category as opinions vary in some of these and the last thing we need is to add more products to our collection that may not work. 

Let me know whether you own or plan to buy any of them and what you think. 

  • Eyeshadow palette: Annastasia Modern Renaissance 

Why? Highly pigmented, easy to blend, beautiful color selection and pairing for fall/winter

Affordable honorable mention: Milani everyday eyeshadow palette

  • Concealer: Tarte shape tape concealer 

Why? Amazing coverage, doesn’t need to be set with powder once it dries down, doesn’t crease. 

  • Foundation: opinion varies. Favorites for some don’t work for others. Results depend on skin texture and concerns. This is a category that I recommend investing in high-end if you can afford it. One bottle goes a long way.
  • Setting Powder: RCMA no color powder

Why? No color, doesn’t look cakey or overly dry, affordable.

  • Contour for light or medium skin: Kevin Aucoin contour powder (light or medium)

Why? Cool undertone but not too ashy, which is perfect for a natural contouring shade, long-lasting, blends well.

  • Bronzer for fair/light skin: Physician’s Formula butter bronzer

Why? Neutral shade that’s not too warm or cool, adds warmth to your face in a natural way, easy to blend, not shimmery, has a coconut/tropical smell.

  • Highlighter: opinions also vary. But it seems that the craze over intense highlighters are dying down from most people’s selection. A lot of highlighters that make to the list are ones without glitter or strong shimmer, but instead add sheen and natural glow to the face. I like this trend as makeup is supposed to make us look beautiful but not to scream to the world “look at my makeup, here, here and there”.
  • Blush: opinions vary. People just have different tastes in color, finish and texture of blushes and I haven’t really been attracted to any of the blush launches this year after discovering my favorite blush type: muted, matte light pink shade with purple or cool undertone. I’m happy with what I have at the moment. 
  • Lip: tooooo many choices >_<

The list includes Giorgio Armani lip magnet (relatively new but blew people away), Tarte lip paint, BareMinerals nude gen, Bite Beauty lipstick, Marc Jacobs, Urban Decay vice lipstick, MAC retro, Ofra liquid lipstick.

It’s interesting how the Kat Von D liquid lipsticks and Kylie lip kits that were among the most hyped up lip products this year didn’t make to the list among most people. I guess dry lips don’t look flattering after all on most people. They age you. And we all love some comfort on the lips. 

Thanks for reading and happy new year!


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