If you’ve been tempted to try (more) Colourpop products, now might be a good time as they are having a 20% off promotion for all items that Kathleen mentioned in her latest Colourpop favorite video (she has a huge following on her channel KathleenLights). The selection covers almost every category Colourpop sells including eyeshadows (singles & Kathleen quads), matte/satin/glossy lip colors and a few matching lip liners, eyeliners (brown & colorful shades), and 4 highlighters. It doesn’t include blush, bronzer or brow pencils but they are just okay anyways.

I don’t plan to get anything this time (at least for now) after I did an inventory check of my entire makeup collection (in use and new). I really can’t justify buying another eyeshadow or lip product, and I need a break from online shopping after the Thanksgiving season (never thought I’d say this…). But if you are interested in Colourpop, you will not want to miss out this opportunity. Kathleen is a very sweet and popular YouTuber and her makeup always looks on point and beautiful. You will not turn into her by buying her favorite makeup products, but her opinion is relatively creditable among beauty influencers in my opinion (not 100% though as I also bought a few meh things based on her raving reviews in the past).

The section can be found here on the Colourpop website:Β https://colourpop.com/collections/kathleens-favorites

Thanks for stopping by and happy shopping!


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