My horrible experience with Be aware!

I’ve never had worse experience than this with any beauty retailers and it’s quite eye-opening.

The story began when I purchased a skincare item from this past summer. They didn’t provide tracking info for free shipping items, so I had no idea when it will arrive. The customer service representatives simple brushed aside any concerns you might have regarding the package delivery. About 2 weeks ago, it finally arrived at my doorstep (it’s almost the end of the year now). Regardless of the fact that this is the slowest shipping I’ve ever seen from overseas retailers, I was still excited to get the package. However, when I took out the actual item, the outer looked weathered and dirty. I got suspicious, and sent the batch code to the product’s official website to ask about the expiration date. It turns out that the product expired way before I made my purchase. I can’t believe they actually were sending it to customers.

When I contacted the customer service again, they were slow to respond as always but acknowledged the situation and asked me to send it back but will only refund a tiny portion of the shipping cost. Global shipping is very expensive and I have to pay a lot to send back an expired product that should not have been sold to any customer, which is ridiculous.

And I was not alone. 

I then started looking into other people’s experience with, and found that is notorious for selling expired or soon-to-be expired products to overseas customers, hoping that people will just take these in given the shipping cost. More recent examples include almost all the Nars foundation and concealers people bought during the Thanksgiving promotion. Apparently, most of the batch were old products that would expire in a month when they arrived, and Lookfantastic customer service team insisted that they would not issue any refund as they were not expired for another month. Unbelievable! 

I can’t even imagine what kind of products they had packed in their expensive advent calendars ($100+/-), probably full of expired deluxe samples. I also found so many complaints from upset customers complaining that their packages never arrive, and that customer service simply ignores their questions. So my experience is only one of the hundreds or thousands.

I make purchases online and from overseas retailers quite often, and this is the first time I feel so disappointed and appalled by the way conduct its business. If you are considering buying anything from them, just reconsider as you might lose your package completely or receive an expired product with no refund.

If you know a way to report unethical business practice like this, please leave a comment to let me know. 

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