The lip color trick you need to know 

Do you have a lot of deep tone or bright red lip colors that you hardly use as the shades are just a bit too much for an everyday look? If you do, this lip color trick might be helpful.

I recently bought this nude lip cream from Too Faced. I wasn’t impressed when I first swatched it as it is true nude, and I look washed out wearing this. However, from the lip swatch, I realized that it’s quite long lasting, feels creamy and hydrating on the lips, which makes it great as a lip base. I then randomly selected a bright red lipstick on top of it and the color combo turns out amazing! It becomes more muted but still has shine coming through, and the color looks so much natural and pretty. 

This nude lip cream serves almost like a concealer to cover up my original lip color, and is comfortable. It also didn’t interfere with the lip colors that go on top of it. 
Ever since I found this trick, I’ve been using it nonstop, layering on all kinds of red, purple, deeper or brighter colors, and created so many different new, unique shades on my own. You don’t need to get this particular product, any nude lip stick that isn’t too drying should work, even glossy ones which you can pair with a Matte red one to create a satin look. 

I feel that I have grown my shade collection so much now that I start to pair different lip colors together, which is fun!

Have you tried it? What do you think? What kind of lip color tricks do you have?

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