Too Faced 2016 mystery bag reveal

So I usually don’t fall prey to mystery bags as I prefer to know what I’m getting for what I’m paying for. But somehow I got lured into the Too Faced mystery bag that was sold on their site about a week ago. Maybe I caved in as Too Faced claims that it is their BEST ever mystery bag. Well, to me, it’s quite an overstatement for them to say that, and for that reason, I think a lot people are disappointed at this bag. For me, I don’t think it’s a fail but it’s not amazing either. You can find below what items are included in this year’s mystery bag. What do you think?

  • Cat eyes eyeshadow palette – full size
  • 24-hour eyeliner – full size
  • Melted lipstick in frosting pink – full size
  • 2 Better than Sex mascaras – one in black, one in purple, both are in sample size
  • Glitter glue for eyes – sample size


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