How to save money on beauty? Opt for in-store trips over online shopping 

My biggest impulses to buy new beauty products are usually immediately after I read somewhere how amazing some products are, looked at photos of people wearing them, or after some hype on YouTube. The convenience of online shopping makes it so easy to fulfill the longing.But a lot of times, the excitement faded away soon after I placed the order. Sometimes I’m not even looking forward to the package arriving. That’s when I know I’ve fallen trap to the pleasure of buying things itself rather than really loving the products I’m getting. I cope with it by switching to a “low buy” mode for online purchases (we all know “no buy” is simply unrealistic in the holiday season:), and go to stores instead to try out products. It actually has saved me a lot of money. Today I wanted to share with you a few items that I decided not to buy after trying these out in store and why. 

  • IT cosmetics illumination cc cream 

Who doesn’t want a glowy look? That’s always a big draw for me and I wanted to buy this cc cream ever since I watched some YouTubers rave about it. However, when I was trying it in store, I found out that it accentuates my skin texture and pores, which is not very flattering. It doesn’t contain any glitter and has pretty shimmering results, but it was just not for me. On a side note, for any IT Cosmetics cream/foundation, I highly recommend trying these in store as they don’t have a great shade range, and it’s hard to find your right match online. For instance, the bye bye undereye concealer is extremely light/fair. I usually use the first to second fairest shade in most foundation or concealer lines, but the lightest shade for the bye bye undereye makes me look like a ghost. 

  • The Body Shop strawberry body butter

I am not a big fan of the body shop products in general as their scents are too harsh and artificial but I’ve heard so many people swear by its body butter in the Strawberry scent. I almost placed an order online after hearing about it the 8th/9th time but decided to smell it before buying and I’m so glad I did. While it does smell better than most other scents in the same line, and it has a pleasant smell when you first apply it, the lingering smell still was quite artificial and too sweet for my taste. The only scent that I kind of like was the Mango one.

  • Clinique cheek pop blush

After trying out quite a few blushes, I know I love blushes that are not too pigmented, have matte finishes, look natural on the face, and lean towards pink rather than coral shades. Benefit has some good ones and I’ve heard people say Clinique cheek pop has a similar kind of pigmentation and texture. I tried three shades that I was considering buying: Pansy pop, Melon pop, Heather pop. I included a casual swatch below. While the texture is what I was looking for, the colors are not exactly what I expected. Among the three colors I tried I probably like to Pansy Pop the most, but I think it just has little bit too much of a purple/blue tone.  It was particularly hard to get colors off of the pan from the Melon pop one.

From the on-site swatches, I am certain that these 2 items that have been on wish list are worth having: I like the texture of Tarte shape tape concealer but it was all sold out. The Tarte exposed blush has everything I like in a blush and looks very natural on the skin.

Hope you like this post and thanks for stopping by 🙂


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