Beauty empties & makeup declutter – mascara, concealer, moisturizer, eyecream

Today I wanted to try something new and am writing my mini reviews of the empties or products I’m decluttering as text overlay on the photos. Let me know if you like it or not. Thanks for stopping by 🙂





The Algenist moisturizer is a high-end product but I was off by its unpleasant scent and its flat jar packaging (it is said that a moisturizer will lose its potency after being exposed to air for too long which is what a jar opening will do). It’s okay but not nourishing enough for winter.

The Shisedo eye cream is the best in its price range for someone who starts to notice signs of aging around the eyes, but not a particular effective true anti-aging eye cream. 

I’m not going to repurchase any of the two above in the near future as I’m trying out other eye creams and moistures which seem to be better for my skin concerns.



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