H&M beauty – nail color swatches & review

Did you know that H&M now sells beauty products and some of them are not that bad? (Note Forever 21 beauty on the other hand has horrible reviews). I tried out some in-store including their blushes which received a lot of positive reviews – see a sample photo below of how the blush pans look like. I think they have nice pigmentation and okay packaging but I wouldn’t spend $10 on something that’s not produced by a professional beauty brand as I’m just not sure whether I can trust its ingredients.

That’s why I was also hesitant to try their nail polishes but I finally caved after seeing some swatches from an Asian blogger in London. The color selection looks stunning and the round bottles are super cute! I think the UK store display of nail colors is genius as these are fake nails painted with the actual colors. Some of them look a bit different than the colors in the bottles so it definitely helps people pick out their favorite colors. I’ve never seen this kind of nail polish search display here in the US and we need it! 

I bought a deep red fall color and I like how rich it looks on my nails and how easy it is to apply with its flat, chubby brush. 

However, even though the nail polish is supposed to be made in Europe, it smells awful, very chemical like and too strong for my liking. It also chips quite quickly but I didn’t apply a top coat to be fair. Overall, I don’t think I will buy another bottle despite its pretty color selection and its affordable $5.99 price tag. If you are just looking for a unique seasonal color, this could work for you. 

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