I can finally throw out the big bag of empty bottles and jars after posting this and it feels good πŸ™‚

First up are a few staples I have stocked up already. 

  • The La Roche-posay facial mist is one of my favorite facial mists as it produces soothing, calming, hydrating fine mist, and you can use up the last drop of it with the awesome spray nozzle unlike most other spray bottles in the market.
  • The Nizoral shampoo is not the most affordable anti-dandruff shampoo but it does make your hair very fluffy and clean afterwards.
  • The vaseline hand cream doesn’t smell nice but it is very nourishing and not overly greasy.

Next are things that I will not buy either because they are not good products or I have found better options in the same category.

  • These 3-step masking system from Ole Henriksen are relatively new and they do help create a more brightening look but they are overpriced in my opinion as they cost over $50 just for 6 uses due to the separate palette packaging. I’d pay more for a high-end brightening mask that you can get a lot more uses out of a tube/jar.

  • This Sun Bum sunscreen spray for body is way too oily and smells very chemical. 

  • This hydrating serum and the Farmacy mist are just okay. Nothing stood out. 

  • The Essence nail polish didn’t work for me although a lot people like it. It’s watery, hard to apply and comes off uneven. I’d rather spend more on a nice Essie or Nailsinc Nail polish, or even an H&M one works way better. 

Next on a positive note again, products featured below work well and are on my to-buy list.

  • This Shisedo sunscreen is only sold in Asia and it works so well under makeup, doesn’t flake or alter the color or texture of anything you apply afterwards. It’s also water proof.

  • The Hard Candy makeup setting spray is a good product for its $6 price tag. It might squirt out too much liquid but it doesn’t sting your eyes and helps your makeup last longer on your face. 

The below are better-than-average products that I might or might not buy again. 

  • The Drunk Elephant day serum is in both photos above as I’m still on the fence. It could sting the face a little bit and it helps brightening the skin tone but it also tends to dry out a bit. The Drunk Elephant AHA night serum (the pink bottle that’s not here) that came in the same set is great though and I already bought a second bottle (it’s quite pricy so I got it during the Sephora 20% off sale).
  • The Clinique acne solutions serum is just okay, while the Clinique acne solutions clearing gel is amazing! It flattens out the red bumps overnight and I already bought the full size after trying it out.

Next are a few makeup removers that I used up. 

I probably will not buy any of these again. 

  • The Clarins eye remover is very gentle but it somehow takes my lashes out and is a bit dry under my eyes.
  • The Boscia clearing oil starts to break me out and I have found 2 better clearing oil that are way better, one from Dermologica and the other from Amore Pacific. Try these out if you are looking for a decent makeup remover oil that doesn’t cause any acne issues and can melt off makeup completely.


  • I don’t like the soy candle, the yes to hand soap and the LA girl concealer anymore after using them for the past month. The hand soap for some reason became irritating especially after I wash my hands for contact lenses. My fingers will sting my eyes after using it. 

I wanted to end the post with an uplifting spirit by sharing a few nice, soothing masks that I enjoyed in the past few weeks.

There you have it, my massive beauty empties and now I need to take a nap πŸ™‚ Thanks for stopping by!

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