I’ve been into red tone eyeshadow shades lately now that we are officially in the fall season. From pink to burgundy, the rich, creamy colors add a feminine touch to the eyes while making your eyes pop more when used as a lid color. 

I’ve found two affordable options that perform as great as high-end eyeshadows and they are from Clinique and Kiko. The Clinique 08 petal pop looks so pretty on the model below. I think this specific xx-pop eyeshadow and blush line from Clinique is underrated. It is long lasting, has just the right amount of pigmentation without being chalky.

Next up is an eyeshadow that I’ve been using frequently since I got it: the Kiko water eyeshadow in 203. It’s very pigmented and looks beautiful on the eyes. It does take some time to blend it out due to the deeper shade and thicker formula. It becomes even more intense when applied with a damp brush.


2 thoughts on “Pink to burgundy eyeshadow swatches – feat. Clinique & Kiko

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