October Allure beauty box spoiler – Disappointed

I’ve been waiting for the spoiler of the October Allure beauty box for a while as the latest few Allure boxes have just been ‘meh’ in terms of brands and content they featured, and I’m on the verge of cancelling my subscription.

Well the October box failed again in my opinion as a beauty box ($15 per month) that boasts for careful curation of great beauty products skewing towards skincare. I have a high bar for skincare products and I don’t care for things that are just okay. I only repurchase skincare products that brought noticeable results and I’ve not found these type of delightful surprises from the past few boxes. I kept hoping that maybe the box will become better now it’s approaching the holiday season, but it doesn’t seem to be. I will give the box 2 more tries and then be done with it.

Here is the full spoiler:

  • Limited-Edition Spongellé shower sponge scented with freesia and pear (sounds gimmicky)
  • Briogeo Don’t Despair Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask (it’s a good product but I already have 2 at home)
  • Mally Volumizing Mascara (I have 3 of my favorite mascara and 10+ in total so…)
  • Doucee Eyeshadow in Coppery Brown (interesting)
  • Klorane Dry Shampoo (Variant – subscribers may receive a different hair care item) This is the only item that I know I like and will use constantly but then there is no guarantee I will have it. I don’t want another travel size shampoo or conditioner… I’m not a big fan of variant box versions..
  • Tatcha Deluxe Indigo Body Butter OR Tatcha Deluxe Soothing Hand Cream (Tatcha as a high-end skincare brand places more emphasis on packaging & how their products feel on your face than the ultimate results on your skin. So I’m not blown away by the only high-end skincare brand included in this box).

Maybe I’m too blunt with my thoughts on this box but does any of you feel the same?

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