The first item is a surprise as I thought I already de-cluttered it last time. It’s the Urban Decay Naked concealer, which accentuated my lines and faded in uneven dry patches a few hours after I applied it. I jokingly named it “instant aging concealer” and put it away in the de-clutter box. Last week I found it lying in the corner of a vacant travel makeup bag I stored away and decided to give it a go again during my trip so that I can throw it away on the road if I still don’t like it.

Urban Decay naked concealer.jpg

Well this time I decided to not risk it either under my eyes or around my nose & chin. Instead, I used it to clean up my brows. I trimmed my brows into specific shapes, which leaves some darker pigmentation around the brows (not actual hair residue but just shadows, you probably understand it if you have thicker brows that you trim down on a regular basis). I applied it to conceal those areas around my brows, and it worked perfectly! It is a medium-to-high coverage concealer and is thick yet smooth so it blends into my foundation nicely. I don’t know how different the skin near my brows is from my under-eye or the rest of the face, but I didn’t see dry, uneven patches this time around mid-day although it fades a little bit throughout the day. If you have similar issues with some supposedly good concealers, maybe give it a go in some other areas around your face?

bath and body works stress relief candle.jpg

I never liked bath and body works products as they smell artificial and overwhelmingly scented to me whenever I walk by their store. But then I read somewhere that they have some classic scents that stand out and are so popular that people overseas will pay ridiculous shipping fees to get these from the US. I had to try it especially when I walked into a promotion for 3-wick candles. I was looking for the candle in the scent of Stress Relief. The candle is of a cream color in a green jar, which looks clean, fresh and gives out such a pleasant note of eucalyptus mint and sweetness.  The candle smells nice without being lit and can fill an entire small-to-medium-sized room with soothing, refreshing, forest-type of scent when it is lit. As long as you don’t expect a candle to make all your problems and stress go away, I’d say this is a great buy.


The last item is a nail polish that looks so pretty for fall if you don’t go for a berry/plum shade as everyone else. It’s the Cornwall Gardens Sweet Almonds Nail Polish Powered by Matcha by Nails Inc. I don’t get it why Nails Inc doesn’t get as much hype as other expensive nail polishes as they are so much better than brands like Butter London and Zoya. The color glides on so smoothly and I don’t necessarily need a second coat. Why I love it more than other nail polishes is that it’s very easy to apply, keeps a subtle sheen layer on my nails for days unlike some other polishes that tend to turn dull and greyish after 1-2 days of wear. They are not super long-lasting if you don’t apply a top coat but I really love the color and the tone, and have been reaching out to it constantly in the past few weeks.

Hope you might find this helpful. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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