• If you can afford a high-end product that you have been keeping an eye on for a while, try avoid looking into dupes. You might think dupes will save you money but believe me, no matter how many dupes you get, if this is really something you wear everyday, you will always be wondering how it performs no matter how good the dupe is. Most likely you will cave one day and the dupes will just be pushed to the side, gathering dust and becoming a waste of money. 

Most of us live on a beauty budget but I know I will feel better about myself bringing home fewer A products rather than a ton of B products. You will also feel less stressed when you have fewer beauty products lying around, knowing that you love and make good use of every one of them.

  • Watch fewer YouTube Haul or What’s New type of videos. They are dangerous and you never know how many of these products are sponsored by the brands. Besides, these videos don’t offer much information on how the products really perform so they are practically useless unless you are a collector and live on an endless budget. 
  • Organize and rotate your makeup products regularly so you don’t buy something new and then realize it looks exactly the same as something you have at the back of your drawer. I usually rotate where I put my makeup products once every two weeks. 
  • Write/archive product review and swatch posts by category so you can always look back to these posts when you are craving something new to see whether you already have something similar. There are not endless shades even that’s what the brands wanted you to believe. 
  • Don’t ignore the power of packaging. We are women, and we love beautiful things. One thing I’ve noticed with my own feelings towards makeup is that I get tired and bored of products in flimsy packaging much sooner than those in gorgeous packaging in general. The Laura Mercier baked highlighter that’s in a pretty case has literally pulled me back from hitting the order button for another highlighter several times when I just look at it again. Among drugstore brands, I like Loreal and Milani packaging. 

Thanks for stopping by! Let me know if you have any tips in comments.

3 thoughts on “Tips on saving money on beauty purchases 

  1. That is so true! Sometimes when I look back to the “dupes” i get from the drugstore, I ended up telling myself “dang it, I can already by a branded palette with all these useless dupes!”. Really great post and advices for beauty addicts!


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