TJ maxx mini beauty haul and 2 August beauty boxes

The heat wave is catching up and I don’t feel like staying outside at all. I hope it cools down soon but also don’t want the summer to end. What a struggle at late summer time!

I’ve heard that TJ Maxx carries interesting beauty items in some locations so I decided to stop by one and here are what I got.

  • Ollie and Olivia eyeshadow brush set $6.99
  • Aroma ocean breeze candle $6.99

I tried both already. The brushes are sturdy, soft, and can pick up eye shadows nicely. No complaint here for the price point. The candle is surprisingly much better than those I used to pay a lot more to get at Sephora. The jar looks high end and the scent is pleasant and long lasting, refreshing for summer time. I’ll go back again to buy more in the future.

Aroma Natural Black Candle – Ocean Breeze Scent

  • Shisedo White Lucent Brightening Balancing Softener $29.99

I love almost all Shisedo skincare products I’ve tried and I was surprised to see some at TJ Maxx. I’ve heard good reviews of this toner but I will wait to try it out in winter time as it’s supposed to be a very good moisturizer but can be too thick and rich for summer heat.

Shisedo White Lucent Brightening Balancing Softenter

  • Korean animal face masks 3-piece $3.99

I heard some TJ Maxx stores now carry Korean facial masks so I kept an eye out for them when I was browsing the mask section. There weren’t a lot of options when it comes to brands I know of and this is the only one that has good reviews. These sheet masks are supposed to add an extra layer of hydration to the face and you can look quite funny with them on too 🙂 I’m looking forward to trying these out.

Lastly, I also picked up some genetic makeup remover wipes ($2.99 for a 60-sheet pack) with a clip-on opening as I heard these are slower to dry out. I use these wipes for my arms and legs to remove sunscreen so it will be nice if these do work out so I don’t need to buy those $7.99 packs (25-sheet pack) at Walgreens.

Lastly, I wanted to share the August beauty boxes I received  from Allure and Target. Honestly I am more happy with the $7 Target beauty box than the $15 Allure box this month. Usually the Allure box includes most high-end beauty items but this is mostly a drugstore box and I am underwhelmed by it. You can see in my previous posts what was included in the July Allure Beauty Box and June Allure Beauty Box. The Target box on the other hand has every item I can use and it’s the best Target box I’ve seen in the past few months.

  • Allure August beauty box ($15)

  • Target August beauty box ($7)


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