Hard Candy $6 setting spray and $8 strobing kit review 

I’ve never used Hard Candy products as they are only sold at Walmart and I thought it would be crazy to go to Walmart just for the two things I wanted to try but I did… So here are the two things I bought and I’ve been testing these out in the past 2 weeks. I posted the same pictures on Instagram too (HealthyGlow_Ing is my Instagram handle).

So first the setting spray. Hands down the best drugstore setting spray! You need to get it if you haven’t tried it. It has a great spray nozzle which gives out an even mist and doesn’t come out too harsh that you need to hold it an arm away from your face as some others do. It has a gentle cucumber smell that doesn’t stay on your face. And most importantly it definitely creates a difference of how long the make up lasts on my face.

Overall rating: 4.5/5

Will I repurchase: a happy yes!

Then the strobing kit. The box and display of products are cute. I bought it mostly for its convenience as it’s really more of a contour blush all-in-one kit with a contour shade, a blush shade, and two highlighter shades, one champagne and one icy shade.

What I like the most from this kit:

  • The peachy warm tone blush shade is great! It is highly pigmented and lasts quite a few hours. It is a shade that works on most skin tone.
  • The brush included in the kit is a good quality one, very soft and picks up an okay amount of products, which doesn’t come often in a kit under $10. But don’t expect it to perform as a high-end brush as that’s just unfair 🙂 It’s good enough for a natural look.

What I found okay:

  • The contour shade is a nice shade between warm and cool tone, maybe more towards cool tone. It shows up on my skin when I use a different brush and apply a few coats. It is probably the least pigmented shade in the kit so it will not work for medium or deeper skin tone. I like the color though for contour, not for bronzing.

What I’m not so in love with:

  • The two highlighter shades definitely will show up on your skin and add a layer of sheen. However, I found that you can’t pack on too much or it will become a bit patchy. It’s probably because because they are too finely milled and have quite some powder fall off. So definitely not the best highlighter powder out there even within the drugstore price range.

Overall rating: 3.5/5

Will  repurchase? Prob not.

Overall I’m glad I tried out the Hard Candy products and found a good makeup setting spray. If you wanna try it and don’t have a Walmart near your place, you can try their recently launched 30-day free shipping program or you can always get these on Amazon or eBay from a third party seller maybe at a slightly higher price.

Have you tried any Hard Candy makeup?


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