So I was just taking another route from the office to the subway station and my eyes were caught by a lovely display of Wet n’ Wild products through a window of an otherwise so normal Duane Reade and I stepped in naturally. For someone who lives on the East coast, you understand my delightful surprise feeling, right?

And when I was in the beauty section of the store, I was truly surprised. I remember I read in news a while ago that Walgreens (aka Duane Reade, same business entity) was planning to revamp some of its stores’ beauty sections but this is the first store I’ve actually seen with the new installation.

  • There are testers out on display.
  • The lighting was bright.
  • Each brand is displayed in a Sephora/UltaΒ type of layout.
  • There are also makeup removers and cotton pads for you to test different products and shades.

It is such a step up from Walgreen! I don’t think I’m going to the dim and crowded CVS ever again which is the only other drugstore near by.

The most exciting thing is that they have brands like theBalm, PurMineral, Cargo, 100% pure, Boots Botatics etc.which I can’t find anywhere else except for certsin Ulta stores far away from my home.

Have you seen any similar changes to your Walgreen stores? Is it fairly recent?

Lastly I got my Walmart beauty box and it’s fun! With only $5 per quarter, $20 per year, it’s well worth the little joy from time to time. I mean you can’t even buy a sandwich for $5.

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