The past Tuesday was the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, which also marks the official beginning of summer! I love the summer season but my skin might disagree. I’ve had pretty bad breakout issues in the past few weeks with the sun exposure, oily t-zone and emotional stress. For combination to oily skin with acne concerns, I’m seeking comfort in these summer skincare products below that per my experience can help you navigate through summer with healthier skin.

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No one dislikes hydrating toners that will give your skin a boost of youthfulness and softness. However, summer is not the right time for hydrating toners for combination and oily skin. Too much nutrition or moisturizing ingredients might actually make you breakout more.

In summer time, I tend to reach more for toners that are specifically designed for combination/oily skin types. This lightweight alcohol-free green toning lotion from Clarins is not only good at removing the last trace of cleanser or makeup residue from your face at night, but also makes you feel refreshed and balanced.  I haven’t noticed any pore reducing or skin tightening effect as it claims on the site but I trust Clarins’ plant-based formula and its alcohol- free ingredient list.


First Aid Beauty products were not my favorites despite their good ingredients as the products I tried (mostly moisturizers) felt too creamy and think on me (it could be first aid to dry skin type in the winter time!). However, these pads were great for combination skin!  On days when you are too lazy to apply toners (no judgement), just take one of the pads and wipe it all over your face after cleansing and it feels amazing! Long-term use of these pads will help improve skin texture and make some of these annoying bumps go away. One cautious note for those with extremely sensitive skin: FAB ingredient list is usually pretty gentle but these pads do contain acid which helps clear pores but it also means it can irritate your skin.

bobbie brown blotting papers

Blotting papers are such simple, generic products but these blotting papers from Bobbie Brown really stand out! The papers are weightless and absorb oil so well while it doesn’t mess up with your makeup to much as long as you are using it in a pressing motion. Besides taking away the excess oil and shine from your face, blotting paper is also a must have if you need to do some retouch during the day. Use it first before you reapply foundation or powder, otherwise there is a high chance you will see streaks of makeup on your face.

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This is hands down the best everyday sunscreen for combination to oily skin, and to be used under makeup. I’ve done a more detailed review in my May empties post and you can read it here if you are interested.

Thanks for stopping by! Let me know what your summer favorite skincare products are 🙂

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