Summer is a tricky season. I love it but my skin tends to breakout more, gets oily easier and seems to send out a signal that I need some new products for the season.

So maybe I’m misunderstanding what my skin is telling me but I went ahead and purchased some new beauty products which range from skincare, sunscreen spray and cosmetics. Here is a quick rundown of my recent purchases.

BareMinerals eyeshadow palette 

Rating: 8/10 I like it!  The eyeshadows are pigmented, not chalky and have a good balance between shimmer & matte shades. They are not super exciting in terms of color scheme but I’m a neutral, basic girl.

NYX cosmetics Concealers & Rimmel London pressed powder

I am trying out new concealers as the Urban Drcay naked concealer didn’t live up to the hype (it looked dry and patched under my eyes). I haven’t tried these yet and hopefully one of these will look good.

The Rimmel London pressed powder is supposed to help control oil around your T-zone and that’s exactly what I need in summer time.

Rimmel London stay matte

Sum Bum sunscreen sprays  

Sunscreen is only good for one year so if you are still using the bottle from last summer, toss it away and get some new one. Your skin will thank you later. These sunscreens are a little bit pricier than other drugstore brands like Neutrogena but it does claim to have better ingredients which I think are worth the price markup. Sunscreen spray is so convenient especially when you are on the beach and need some quick reapplication every 2-3 hours.

Slip silk pillowcase 

This is a splurge for me as I usually don’t spend this much for a pillowcase. I’ve been using it for a few weeks by now and do I think it’s worth the $80? Hmm I think you can save some $50 and get a generic silk pillowcase instead. While it does feel smooth and comfortable, it is a hassle to wash and take care of as it’s 100% silk and I don’t think it will make a difference on your face anytime soon.


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