Sisley Paris monthly beauty subscription

This is an age where subscription services thrive and die at the same time. There are all kinds of subscription boxes covering a wide range of our everyday life including but not limited to beauty, food, snacks, books, gadgets. You name it, they have it. So I am usually immune to new subscription boxes now.

However, I still got excited when I learned that the French luxury beauty brand Sisley Paris has jumped on the beauty sample wagon and has come out with a monthly subscription plan. You can either pay $10 per month for a 6-month plan or save with an annual plan of $100. 5 samples  are included in each month’s box.

If you’ve never used Sisley products before, it’s a high-end skincare brand with botanic ingredients. I’ve tried only a few of their products as they are very pricey in the US (I probably will load up my cart if I go to France as it’s much cheaper there). I love everything I’ve tried including their toner, facial mask and eye cream. In my opinion, their products live up to the hype (not a lot lately) and their claims. A brightening mask will actually brighten your skin after only a few uses and an anti-wrinkle cream will smoothen your fine lines. To be honest, so many skincare products work like placebo as you can’t tell whether they work and you apply them only for the sake of going through your skincare routine.

Here are the five samples included in this month’s plan:

Image credit:

If you haven’t yet found a skincare product that you can see visible results, keep looking and if you are interested to try out brands like Sisley, a $10 monthly subscription is a great way to test their lines without spending hundreds of dollars upfront. I am sold on this service. What do you think? What other skincare subscription service do you recommend?

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