Recent favorites & review – Urban Decay, Laura Mercier, theBalm, Stila

Hey everyone! Although I’m still in a difficult situation, I wanted to share a quick post on what I’ve been loving lately. A lot of them are mini/travel-sized purchases/gifts and I actually like these better than full-sized as I am all about trying beauty products out before committing. Among all of these, my favorites are: 

  • The Laura Mercier lip grace in bare baby – the glowing nude color is adorable and it doesn’t accentuate the lines on your lips.
  • TheBalm Bahamas mama bronzer – I used it for contour and it’s very pigmented but natural at the same time. Super easy to use! 
  • Stila stay all day concealer in 06 Tan – I have fair skin tone and I thought this might be too dark when I got it ($5) but it actually is much lighter on the face and the creamy texture sinks into my skin  naturally. It’s very blendable and doesn’t make my skin look dry which the Urban Decay one does. 

Now I was really looking forward to trying out the Urban Decay weightless concealer but I am a bit disappointed and glad I only bought it in the travel size. Although it indeed feels weightless as compared to a lot of thicker concealers, it makes my undereye area so dry that it ages me. It is better than a lot of the drugstore concealers in terms of both the formula and packaging but I am not content with it. So I’m still on my search for a moisturizing, natural under-the-eye concealer. If you have any recommendations, let me know! 

Thanks for reading and hope you have a lovely weekend!



8 thoughts on “Recent favorites & review – Urban Decay, Laura Mercier, theBalm, Stila

  1. I find I have that same issue with concealers as well! They always cake up under my eyes and make me look either older than I am or it makes it so obvious that I’m wearing makeup and I hate that! Have you ever tried the Maybelline FitMe! concealer? Lovely post!


    • Really? Glad you feel the same as I do. I thought I was just unlucky. Yes I have tried the Fit Me and it accentuates my pores 😦 so I’ve yet to find the holy grail concealer. The Stila one I mentioned in the post is a bit better. Maybe liquid concealer doesn’t work on my skin

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