How to get defined & natural eyebrows in 50 seconds 

Hey guys! Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weekend and had a good bite to eat!

Today I wanted to share my recent favorite eyebrow routine for an everyday look that takes less than a minute, 50 seconds to be exact – yeah I timed it 🙂

You need 2 products for this routine: a thin/micro brow pencil & a brow gel (not the clear gel type to seal your brow but the pigmented grey/taupe gel). I’ve included an image below of what I consider a natural and defined look. 

I know I’ve been so behind on brow products as I had been solely relying on brow pencils until recently mostly because I don’t want to spend more than 2 minutes on my brows but with this routine, you can get it done even faster while achieving a defined, natural look. The 2-step routine can be summarized in two words: Define & Fill. I’ve included more details and tips below.

  • First, you wanted to define the shape of your brows with the brow pencil. I usually only draw on the upper side of my brows as that feels more natural in the end. 
  • If you have bald spots in your eyebrows, you need a waxy, soft, pigmented pencil because all the pulling and dragging from the back-and-forth application will make your brows fallout even more. I found the new brow pencil I got from Colourpop pretty neat for that reason (and it’s only $5). 
  • If you don’t have that concern and you are new to brow makeup, you might want to start with a more stiff pencil as it’s more likely to get smudged brows with a softer, waxy brow pencils. You can try the NYX micro brow pencil (I did a review here) or brow pencils from Revlon or Loreal. I personally don’t feel the need to go high end for brow products as it’a not a complicated product like a foundation is. 
  • If you have a softer pencil at hand and don’t want to buy another one yet, I heard that you can scorch the pencil tip a bit with candles to harden it. 


    • The second step is the key and I only recently tried it out and fell in love with. You want to use a pigmented brow gel to fill in your brows and draw the curve towards the outer and lower side of your brows. I have never tried a brow gel until recently as I mistakenly thought it looks difficult to use and oh boy I was wrong! It’s so EASY to use and can create a very natural look for any shape you intend to create with the pencil. You don’t even need to buy a separate brush if you get one of these brow kits as the kits usually have a brush (you can try the $3 ELF brow kit if you are not sure brow gel is for you). You can totally skip the powder and clear gel seal afterwards unless you are looking for a super long-lasting look for more than 12 hours. I usually skip these and my brows look great after an 9- hour work-day. 

    I believe most of you probably own and use brow gel products as I’m just late to the brow game. But for those who don’t, just go and buy one to try it out! I don’t think you will be disapponited! If you have a favorite brow product, please comment on this post to share your love 🙂 

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