Updated with swatches & reviews:

From right to left: Girl Power (in an eyeshadow jar but reads “not for immediate eye area“… Matte), Shop (eyeshadow Matte), Amaze (eyeshadow metallic), Hippo (highlighter), Brow pencil (Bangin’ Brunette)

Among the three eyeshadows, I like Shop the most (the 2nd one from right). It’s a highly pigmented matte color between coral and red and I think it looks a bit less intense and more wearable than Girl Power (the far right bright coral shade). Amaze (the shade in the middle) had tons of hype but I don’t know whether the glitter will fall off after a few hours of wear. Hippo, the highlighter (2nd one to the left) is a pearlized shade and it looks less intense when you apply it to your cheek than on my arm so you will like it if you are not looking for those WOW in-your-face type of highlighter. 

The brow pencil is easy to work with as it glides on easily and is highly pigmented. But you cannot un-retract once you turn it up, which is wierd, so only retract what you will be using. 

Colourpop eyeshadow swatch Below are the two lippies I bought in the shade Hype Girl (Matte) & Frick ‘N Frack (satin).

I don’t like the lighter shade Hype Girl at all. It’s not nude as I thought, is in a warmer tone with some wierd neon undertone, and super dry and accentuates every single line on my lip after I apply one coat. It’s not getting better with another coat and it is not even 100% matte. So in my opinion, it’s a fail

The darker shade Frick n ‘Frack however is lovely! It’s not as brownish as I thought but it’s a beautiful cool tone, dark red shade that’s easy to work with. It feels pretty comfortable on my lip after a lipbalm and it doesn’t move. You can get an even application effortlessly and this shade makes your teeth look whiter. Although it’s not an everyday shade for me, I like it a lot and will throw this on when I have a neutral/brown vintage eye look.

Colourpop matte lippie review  

Good morning beautiful! Hope your Monday was uneventful in a good way or filled with excitement and expectation for the rest of the week πŸ™‚

So I finally received the few Colourpop cuties I bought during its 20% off sale about 2-3 weeks ago yay! I haven’t had time to swatch them yet but will do a review post later. I just wanted to share with you a snapshot of what I got. So here you go! 

I bought:

  • One highlighter (hippo)
  • Three eyeshadows
  • One eyebrow pencil
  • One lippie stick (hyper girl, a nude shade)
  • One liquid lipstick in satin finish (frick n frack, a brown color)

Among all these items, I’m most looking forward to testing the highlighter, the coral shimmery eyeshadow and the liquid lipstick. Hopefully they will live up to my expectation πŸ™‚


14 thoughts on “Updated: Colourpop mini haul swatches & mini reviews

  1. Beautiful items! I am still waiting for my order from the speciale offer they had a few weeks ago (because I live in the Netherlands). I also bought Frick n Frack, really curious how it will show up on my lips!


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