Hey guys! Happy Friday and hope these 4 simple beauty tips below will add a smile to your face 🙂

  • If you have a yellow, warm undertone, avoid plum, purple, and hot pink  lip colors as they will bring out the yellow undertone and do not complement your look.
  • If you have trouble blending out your cream foundation, highlighter or bronzer, try mixing the cream products with a drop of facial oil, and it will help tremendously the blendability of your cream makeup, and will add a subtle layer of glow to your look.
  • When you use makeup setting sprays, don’t spray it all over you face like a facial mist. Instead spray it as if you are drawing an X & a T in the air above your face, and  you are done. A lot of times, less is more.
  • Although fine lines under the eyes and crows feet are probably the first aging signs you notice around your eyes, don’t forget to apply your anti-aging eye cream on your upper eyelids or you will have regrettable sagging eyelids that will make your eyes look smaller as you grow older. Start early and your eyes will thank you later 🙂

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