I didn’t know how popular Colourpop is until today… 1-day 20% off flash sale

Hey guys! In case you haven’t heard yet, Colourpop is having a 1-day flash sale where everything is 20% off and shipping is free for orders of $30+. And this is the image I’ve seen more than 10 times since I’ve been trying to place an order:


the site is down 😦

Yeah, apparently the site is down (was up and loading very slowly earlier for maybe 30 minutes). People are pissed – just check out their Instagram feed comments. To me it’s a little bit hilarious to see how people can get so emotional over this. 

Yeah it’s frustrating but I was genuinely surprised by this whole incident as I never thought Colourpop is this popular! It reminds me of those Mansur Gavriel site launch events back in the day when people would wait for hours to grab one of its signature bucket bags before they were all sold out within a minute (I was one of these people πŸ™‹).  Mansur Gavriel usually had to apologize for its low stock after these launches. And Colourpop also has decided to extend the end date of its 1-day flash sale event to 9 pm PST 5/1.

If you are interested in making a purchase during this sale, you can still read reviews and swatches while the site is down and create your shopping list. That’s what I’m doing on a Saturday afternoon πŸ™‚ I find Temptalia’s reviews to be the most comprehensive as she has reviewed probably every single product this brand has. You can search for review of the product you are interested in here. Or you can also check out my review from a few months ago here. The blush I got has become a staple in my everyday makeup as it’s subtle but adds a pretty layer of glow to the cheeks. I think the eyeliner and satin lippie sticks are good but not irreplaceable. So I probably will not buy any satin lippie sticks or eyeliners this time. 

My list:

  • Eyeshadow: Amaze, Shop, Girl Power (I don’t have any bright coral shades)
  • Lippies: hype girl, frick n frack (I changed my mind after watching more swatches and reviews)
  • Highlighter: Hippo
  • Cheek: Not sure yet
  • Brow pencil: I just wanted to try it out. No high expectations

Hope they can get the site up soon and I’d like to hear what you end up buying or plan to buy!

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