Hey guys! Hope everyone is already excited about the weekend – only 2 days away 🙂

Today I wanted to share 3 short, good articles related to beauty:

  • Colourpop Matte x lipsticks will be released on the brand’s website starting tomorrow, 4/18 and you can get a sneak peak of the colors, reviews and swatches either on Youtube (Kathleenlights released hers yesterday on her channel) if you have 15 minutes or in this Allure post which takes 1 minute to read. The colors I am most interested in are Cami and Hollywood blvd. Do you plan to grab one and what’s your pick?
  • This is probably nothing new but still I like to read about these girls’ stories in combatting and fighting back the unrealistic requirement to stay extremely skinny in their modeling career at the expense of health and happiness. If you are a Chiara fan, just ignore this next sentence but I feel she has become more and more skinny to an extent that it is a bit scary. I’m in no position to judge her and she has probably worked extremely hard to achieve what she has now so I’m just sharing an opinion. Anyways, here is an honest and empowering article written by an ex-model who had to be treated for eating disorder. 
  • Did you ever fall in love with a mini/sample mascara and then bought the full size version with full dedication, and then feel really disappointed and wondering why you were so delusional? Well I have and I’m not alone! Read this post here on the mascara hack that you might not know.

Are you reading anything fun? What is your must visit site for beauty news?


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