Hey guys! Hope everyone is enjoying the lovely weekend!

So I recently bought a Sunday Riley power duo set during the Sephora semi-annual sale event but today I wanted to share a review of the Tidal brightening enzyme water cream that got me interested in the Sunday Riley brand.
What is it and why is this a miraculous cream?

It is a water based ultra-light hydrating cream that will brighten your skin. Now the beauty world does not govern the use of words “ultralight” or “nongreasy“. There are so many moisturizers that claim to be “nongreasy, nonoily” and end up being a clump of oil that clogs your pores and make your face shine like coconut oil in a bad way (you know what I’m talking about combination skin comrades πŸ™‹).

So I am happy to report that this is indeed a 100% non-greasy cream that provides a tremendous amount of hydration. I don’t know how they did it but yep they nailed it in terms of how it makes your face feels afterwards, not only instantly but also the next morning when you wake up – softer, more plumped up and ready to shine πŸ˜‡  

Bonus point

As someone with combination skin type with adult acne concerns, not all hydrating cream work on my face. The Belif hydration bomb and aqua bomb both that I tried out both caused breakout on me, which is so annoying! 

I’ve been waiting to share this post until now as I wanted to make sure it doesn’t irritate my skin after consistent application for at least two weeks and it has not caused any issues so far!😌 It might be related to the fact that Sunday Riley skincare products are more on the natural side in terms of ingredients and formula.

In a word, this is a smart and fabulous cream that’s suitable all year long especially for combination skin. 

If you haven’t yet, make sure to check out in person how this cream feels like! It’s available at Sephora or SpaceNK stores. 

Have you tried any other Sunday Riley products? Which one is on your wishlist? 

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