Why all the buzz around the $10 NYX micro brow pencil?

Hey guys! If you follow the beauty community on YouTube like I do, you might have heard of the NYX micro brow pencil a lot in the past few months!

I am usually prone to hype around brow pencils as I find most pencils I’ve tried are similar. But I broke a pencil I was using the other day and I thought I will give the NYX pencil a try. 

It’s available at most drugstores and it costs only $10 (it’s on sale now at Ulta if you get two). I got mine in the MBP05 ash brown color. This is how the pencil looks like.


It’s a double-ended pencil with a swirl brush and a super thin twist up pencil end. I tried it out and this pencil is fool proof for anyone who might be struggling with their brow definition.


– It can create any brow shape you are looking for especially a well-defined brow as it has a “micro”pencil end that’s the thinnest you can think of. 

-It glides on very easily due to its waxy texture.

– It might not feel very pigmented with one stroke but it’s completely buildable and ends up being nicely pigmented after a few strokes.

A few minor things that are less than ideal:

– I like the dual-end design but I don’t think I will use the brush as much as it’s a bit too stiff for me.

-As you do need to apply a few strokes to get the color payoff, and it’s a very thin pencil, it will be used up pretty quickly
But it doesn’t cost much so I guess it just gives us a good excuse to try out other products after going through this one 🙂

Overall, I think it’s a very good pencil especially given its price. If you are in the market for a new brow pencil, I recommend you give it a try. But it’s not as amazing as some of the raving reviews I read so if you are happy with what you have at hand, I don’t think you need to replace it with this one.

What’s your favorite brow product? 


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