Hey guys! Hope you are enjoying the weekend! Today I wanted to share a quick review of a new makeup remover I’ve been using lately. It’s from the brand Derma E

 I actually have never heard of the brand before and bought it from a vitamin shop as I was $10 short from free shipping. Usually these basket filling products will be forgotten quickly but not this one!!

I had to wiki the brand and apparently it’s been around for a long time. Derma E is an American brand that was founded in 1984 by two dermatologists and offers skincare, body care products with natural ingredients and formula. I’m not 100% sure but given its ingredient list, I believe it’s also safe to use during pregnancy. 

This is my first Derma E purchase and after using it consistently for 2 weeks, I think it’s a HIT for me! I even like it better than some high-end products out there. Here are its strengths in my opinion:

  • The texture. It’s a gel liquid texture out of the bottle but turns into a thin milky layer when you massage it into your skin, which means you don’t need to rub your skin too hard with it. This is extremely important as rubbing your skin will create wrinkles (they are almost irreversible) and that’s the biggest concern I have with makeup remover wipes or some less effective makeup remover water.
  •  The gentle and completely non oily feel. As it is a liquid not an oil, it feels so gentle and lightweight on your skin, therefore will not create issues like breakout, redness or irritation.
  • The natural formula yet effectiveness at removing makeup all over your face. I don’t do super dramatic look though so not sure whether it will work for those type of looks. It’s unscented.
  • It helps dealing with whiteheads around your nose. I was using it along with the Kielh’s cleanser and miraculously I saw whiteheads coming out and my nose has become much cleaner!!

The only drawback I can think of is its packaging. The bottle I got was has a cap opening so it’s hard to control how much product you are getting out and I tend to get a bigger Than I need often. But it’s not a big issue especially as it’s a pretty affordable product and I don’t mind using it up sooner. 

Overall, I am really happy about this makeup remover and it’s on my “will always stock up” list. Have you tried any Derma E products? Do you like them? Please share in comments. I’d like to hear from you! 


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