March skincare empties & SK-II Facial Treatment Essence Review

Hey guys! Hope you had a good weekend! Today I wanted to share a short post of skincare empties and one item that I strongly recommend for those with combination skin type and adult acne issues.

Although I threw theses empties away a few days ago, I didn’t actually use up all these in March. I don’t have a gigantic face 😅 Some of these actually last quite a long time. Here are all five cuties!  

3 of them are full size products:

The product that has become my long-term favorite is the SK-II facial treatment essence. This is a holy grail product for me and has greatly relieved my adult acne concerns! I started to have breakout maybe a few years ago, and had to cover these up with makeup during the day, which only made it worse. I tried so many different products and was never content until I tried this. It is amazing!!

How does it work:

Apply it as the 1st step in your skincare routine after washing your face at night (I only use it at night). Some say applying it with a cotton pad can maximize its effect.  

You can then apply toner, serum, cream as usual after this. I usually skip the toner step after this. It skins into your skin quickly  and you will notice that your skin becomes less oily and no longer have breakout as often after using it consistently for 2-3 weeks.

I wouldn’t recommend it if you have dry or super sensitive skin but this is the best friend for combination and oily skin. I’ve used up two bottles in the past year and have already started another one. This is a skincare staple I can’t live without now!

If you have to find a con in this almost flawless product, it’s probably it’s price tag. It’s expensive. I usually stock it up during sale (the Sephora is still going on) or bought it from Asia (it’s cheaper there as it’s an Asian brand). A big bottle lasts 5-6 months for me so it becomes more affordable if you calculate its cost per use.

Do you have any skincare product you can’t do without? If you have any questions about any other products in this post, let me know 🙂


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