Hey everyone! Sephora is having its semi-annual site wide promotion now. Sephora VIB members get 15% off starting today through the 13th and Sephora beauty insiders get 10% off starting tomorrow. 

I am trying to be rational this time and only buy things I either have used before and like a lot or the ones with the best reviews. Below are the two orders I placed today. I bought both online. When I tried to go to the store after work today to try out the Urban a Decay naked concealer, the line was really long so I left without getting anything else.

The Bite Beauty lip pencil is the only new thing in my orders and I’m buying it mostly for its natural formula as I’m a bit scared about all the lead and harmful chemicals tested in a lot of the drugstore lipsticks (i.e. Maybelline, Loreal, Revlon and even Nars!) A lipstick lasts a long time and we literally eat it off our own lips so I think it’s totally worth it buying more natural products. I got it in the Rhubarb shade and it’s supposed to be a muted pink plum.  

Most likely I will get another order for skincare. Did you get anything or plan to get anything? Please share your Sephora loves in comments πŸ™‚





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