There was a poll earlier this week on Temptalia regarding beauty expense and guess what do people spend on the most and least? No.1 is makeup, No. 2 is skincare and No.3 is hair. Does it fit your beauty spending pattern? 

Personally I actually spend far more on skincare than makeup as I don’t care for dramatic looks but wanted my skin to look glowy and natural as much as possible with or without makeup, and I have seen far more effective skin repair results from more professional skincare brands. The result difference probably doesn’t justify the price markup but I guess that’s the price to pay for beauty -_-

Back to the post theme, what’s the one thing that could set apart your look? Let the photos below speak for themselves.

In which photos do Gigi Hadid look best and worst and why?


I think she looks so much better in photos 4 & 5 (btw she is the one on the left in photo 4). And why? Her HAIR!! I think hair is the one thing that a lot of people might overlook in their beauty routine but can make a big difference on how you look. Do you use hair mask, conditioner, spray, hair oil, or treatment? If the answers are all no, you might want to start and believe me you will see the difference immediately! No more splits, dry ends or flat hair. 

I only started using hair oil and mask recently and I’m loving how my hair looks now. I simple replaced my conditioner with hair mask for more intense treatment during shower and applied anti-heat spray as well as hair oil before blow-dry. It’s simple!
Below are some products I’ve bought lately and they are amazing!!

OGX nourishing coconut oil spray

$6.99 4 fl. Oz

This spray smells so coconutty! It’s not oily at all especially as it’s a spray. It is now on sale at ULTA. 
Alterna Caviar Anti-aging replenishing moisturizing conditioner 


$32 8.5 oz 
I’ve heard sooo much buzz about this line that I finally decided to give it a try. And now I totally get it why people are obsessed with it. It will make your hair so smooth and shiny that you may not know you can look this beautiful! It is on the pricy side so i suggest you get it on sale or try out a travel size before committing to it. 
Caudalie Devine oil 

 $32 50 ml

This is actually a multi-purpose oil which can be applied to face, body and hair. I haven’t tried it yet on my hair but I swear by the brand. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a UK brand that boasts natural, organic formula. I’ve used its serum, cream, water, most, cleanser and all of them are fabulous!! If you wanna give it a try, start with travel size or samples and I don’t think you will be disapponited! 

What are your favorite hair products or tools? Please share in comments 🙂 


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