How do you use beauty samples? My February skincare samples and favorites 

I used to not care about beauty samples at all as I only used them when travelling. 

But as I started to read product formula, reviews and buying more high-end products, I started to pay attention to samples so I can:

  • Learn how my skin reacts to the products I am considering buying.
  • Test out new products that I read about.
  • Get a sneak peak of results of high-end products.
  • Just for fun 🙂 

Below is a picture of samples I lately finished and some mini reviews.

 Mini reviews:

$55 1.7 oz

I didn’t like it when I first put it on my face as it was a bit sticky but I noticed the brightening results after I consistently used up the sample within 3 weeks. As most products from the UK brand Ren, the formula does not have tons of chemicals, is relatively natural and is even safe to use for pregnant women. I now pay more attention to formula as chemicals will ruin your skin health in the long term. Ren has a few lines which suits different skin type. This mask belongs to the orange line which is well suited for combination to oily skin with acne concerns. I like how the microbeads in the mask help exfoliates the skin and instantly smooths and softens your face! It was not irritating at all on my face although it is suggested that sensitive skin type should avoid using it more than once a week. 

I like it so much that I immediately order the full size product and here is a shot of the duo 🙂 


$69 12 pairs

I received 3 pairs in a set when I bought it together with the hydrating and mud facial masks. You can actually use one pair twice as the mud in one pod is enough for two eyes as I don’t think you wanna put too much mud texture products near your eye areas. I think they are okay. I didn’t feel noticeable difference after a few uses but they are not irritating either as some of the reviewed said. I have tried a few eye masks by now including Shisedo, Estée Lauder and I haven’t found any that truly stands out yet. If you have any favorites, please share in comments!

$195 0.5 oz

I got it in a set. I highly recommend starter sets when you are exploring high-end skincare products as each product can cost between $150-$500 and a set gives you the opportunity to try a few products to figure out which ones are best for your skin. This is one of their star eye products and I heard really good things about its results on fine lines under the eye. Unfortunately, for me, it didn’t work on fine lines although it feels moisturizing, very easy to layer on another eye cream and is very pleasant to use. I think it is a great product for people under 25 when you just need a simple eye serum and don’t have concerns around fine lines. 


I got this deluxe sample from Nordstrom and it’s my first makeup product from this Korean brand. Cushion compact is extremely popular in Asia as women there are fan of super natural look that requires more transparent, glowy kind of foundation. Now a lot of western brands have developed cushion compact as well. I think this product does what it claims to do, which is extremely easy application (took less than 30 seconds to apply), moisturizing and natural look. But it offers little coverage if you have concerns around discoloration, redness or acne, which I believe is the common weakness for almost all cushion compact products. I think it works well if you have dry skin and don’t need a lot of coverage, or if you use it for touch up during the day. Due to the more watery texture of the product, I think you also are better off using it up within 3 months so it doesn’t get contaminated after getting exposed in the air multiple times. I think it’s a good cushion compact but cushion compact is probably not something that works for my skin. 

From my experience, below are good places to get deluxe samples (forget about packet samples unless you have a few as you need to try it a few times to feel the results):

  • Nordstrom – it offers deluxe samples from good brands from time to time with any beauty purchases.
  • Sephora – a variety of deluxe samples every month but usually comes with a $25 order minimum and some are reserved for only VIB or VIBR members. They also have multi-brand sets that usually contain at least two best sellers in the category.
  • Beauty box – my last post was a review on a limited beauty box from Birchbox and I loved most of the products in the box and I just repurchased the Amika hair mask, amika hair brush and dry shampoo (loved its natural formula)
  • Sets and gift bags from big department stores beauty departments and beauty sites: Barneys offers luxury beauty bags two times a year with your $200 beauty purchase (there is one going on now), Skinstore, DermStore and B-Glowing are also generous with their samples. So are other big department stores like Saks, Neiman Marcus especially around Thanksgiving time.
  • eBay – tons of samples but make sure you ask for the expiration date or product number so you can check the production date yourself on sites like

Hope you all have a great start of the week 🙂


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